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iOS 12.2 Improves the Quality of Audio Messages in iMessage

One of the lesser-known news of iOS 12.2 (released for everyone this second, 25) is the use of a new audio codec in the iMessage application, which improves sound quality.

iOS 12.2 Improves the Quality of Audio Messages in iMessage

In this update, Apple opted to adopt the Opus codec of 24,000 Hz, replacing the old AMR of 8,000 Hz.

As a result, we have clearer, clearer and stronger audiences than we had before.

Remember that the same Opus codec is already used in WhatsApp, Telegram and WebRTC audio messages.

To send and receive files with the new codec, both the issuer and receiver must have at least iOS 12.2 or MacOS 10.14.4 installed. If it is still the old system, the audio will be converted to the previous codec.

The file size will be larger, as a result of having more information. However, since iMessage’s default is to automatically delete audio files after 2 minutes of being listened to, this should not be a big problem.

Although third-party apps such as WhatsApp and Telegram dominate among users, some still prefer to give priority to iMessage, which is native to the system. This is the case of the one who writes to you.

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