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For a few months, even years, we have begun to talk about what we now know as Apple TV +, the new streaming platform of the Californian company. However, Apple is not the only one that has decided to enter this market, nor the one that will have the greatest impact. The Walt Disney Company, the largest media conglomerate in the world and owner of many of the major entertainment brands, has also started its assault with Disney +.

Disney +

Yesterday, the company held a special event for investors in which they presented the details of the new platform. Of course, the great capacity for content creation of the company has resonated with Walt Disney Studios and Animation Studios, Pixar, Marvel, Lucasfilm and, since the beginning of this year, the studios of 21st Century Fox. It is the only point that the new platform that has created so much expectation is worth.

A platform prepared for the future

Disney +

If there is one thing they are sure of at Disney, it is that they have the ability to deal with the big technology content. What some questioned is that they could do it with technology, something that they have also shown in the event. Thanks to the acquisition of BAMTech in 2017, a company specializing in the development and maintenance of streaming platforms, and after the experience acquired with ESPN +, its great bet on the sports scene, have cleared all doubts.

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BAMTech, now called Disney Streaming Services, has created a platform designed to support up to 10 million concurrent users, with a fantastic video quality that will reach 4K HDR in the content that supports it. In addition, they have tried to create a simple and attractive interface, designed so that the whole family can access their favorite content. It will also allow the use of different users with a single subscription and the download of content, at the level of other platforms.

The content that will reach Disney +

Disney +

Going back to the contents, Disney has taken care that all their studios produce original content for the new platform, this also includes new documentaries that will show us the bowels of the company. And among all that content, we have to choose with Marvel and Star Wars series, like WandaVision or The Mandalorian, real action movies like the remake of The Lady and the Tramp and going through The Simpsons … All this, added to the great Disney movie library.

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In this sense, many questions have appeared regarding the availability of the contents. Like any other producer, Disney maintains certain agreements with distributors around the world to bring their creations to consumers. Sometimes, this implies an exclusivity, which could complicate the arrival of certain content to Disney +. Therefore, the company has committed to take its future films to the platform after the window of the exhibition in cinemas, starting with Capitana Marvel.

In addition, they have commented that they should be able to recover the licenses of a large part of their content in about four years. This has been taken into account when defining the launch schedule of the platform together with other factors such as demand or distribution agreements. Thus, Disney + will begin its journey on November 12 of this year in the US and will reach Western Europe in the first months of 2020. Latin America will receive the service in 2021 expectedly.

Disney + prices

Disney +

Finally, the final blow of Walt Disney has been the price of the subscription. For US $ 6.99 per month or $69.99 per year, US users will be able to subscribe to the entire content library, without ads. And they can access it from a variety of devices, among which are, of course, phones and tablets with iOS, Mac, and Apple TV. With this in mind, it would not be strange to see in the future some kind of agreement with Apple to improve its presence.

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In conclusion, we were able to meet a service that has achieved a lot of positive opinions. Combining the price, its original contents, and the technical features it offers, Disney + is a perfect complement to the television of any home. A new option designed for those who love their creations, both children and adults, fortunately, born betting on a global launch (something slower than desirable, yes).

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