The iPhone XI has not come out and they already imagine the 2020 iPhone

We do not know how the iPhone will be called this year but there is someone who has imagined what the 2020 iPhone will be like. The theoretician iPhone XII would arrive, according to this concept, with many new features, including a curved screen until the edges, without any button, and with real wireless charging.

No doubt imagination is not lacking and in this concept, we see some incredible innovations that we would all like to see, although it may be too early to have them on a device.

iPhone XII

An iPhone XII without frames

What first surprises about this concept are that there are no frames anywhere. The screen of the iPhone reaches the edges and curves slightly on them, of course, there is no notch anywhere either. Due to this design, we do not have any buttons, neither to control the volume nor to block the device.

Undoubtedly what I would highlight most of this design would be the screen and of course, this concept also imagines a redesign of iOS to take advantage of the curve on the sides. Raising the volume would be done by sliding on one side up or down.

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Also, this iPhone would have a new camera with Artificial Intelligence able to analyze the photo we have made and add effects. A kind of evolution of the current Live Photos that is undoubtedly a great idea, probably the most feasible of all.

To finish this concept imagine a real wireless charge of up to 20 meters away thanks to a new Apple charger our iPhone would always be charged without having to do anything.

In addition to all this, this new iPhone XII would come in many more colors with different gradients that would give a differentiating touch. It is a concept that falls in love but unfortunately, we will never see, at least in 2020.

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