Do you already have these iPhone apps that are only free today?

That’s the million dollar question. If you do not have them, you should not delay the download, because we do not know when they will be free again. We remind you that they are some payment apps, which happen to be on sale for a few hours. It is, therefore, a good opportunity to enjoy some applications that are sure to attract your attention.

We also tell you that, unless otherwise indicated, they are all for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Without further delay, we take steps to the payment apps that happen to be free only today.

iPhone apps

Apps and free games from April 28

Speckle – Lens bokeh

We start with one of those old acquaintances, get the portrait effect of the dual-lens iPhone or iPhone XR without having to do anything, this app takes care of everything so you do not have to worry about anything other than giving the shooting button.

[appbox appstore compact id1063127206]

Montezuma Puzzle 4 Premium

Aztec-inspired puzzle game, very well valued and with 100 levels to put you to the test. A challenge for the mind, you have only downloaded it and see if you are able to go through them. Show how much you’re worth.

[appbox appstore compact id893078635]

Your GPS Location Finder Pro

This application is amazing for those people who spend the day driving in cities they do not know and want to remember where they have parked their vehicle. That way they will always keep it in mind, that the mistrust plays tricks.

[appbox appstore compact id1336324631]

Tahrir App – Text on image.

A spectacular app with which you can add text to your images and thus share them on social networks. You can get spectacular things, and you can enjoy it for free just today. Cheer up!

[appbox appstore compact id1008067212]

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