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Unable to disable Reactivation Lock on Galaxy S6? We Got your Covered

The reactivation lock on Samsung gadgets can be so incredibly inept and irritating when you need to incapacitate it. Because it just won’t. Regardless of whether you’re using the privilege Samsung record and right qualifications, you will be unable to kill the damn thing. Recently I experienced this terrible bad dream to disable Reactivation Lock on Galaxy S6.

I experienced all the inconvenience of flashing stock firmware, completing a factory reset, yet none made a difference. However, a truly astonishing arrangement (altogether erasing the Samsung account) worked, and I’m getting its safeguard and should work for everybody confronting the reactivation lock issue on their Galaxy S6 gadgets and other Samsung gadgets also.

disable Reactivation Lock on Galaxy S6

The issue with reactivation lock is that notwithstanding when you’re using the privilege Samsung account, it won’t let you cripple reactivation lock. On my Galaxy S6, it wasn’t giving switch off the reactivation a chance to bolt. However, fortunately, subsequent to erasing my Samsung account altogether from Samsung’s servers and afterward reproducing it, I had the capacity to flip off reactivation lock. Beneath’s an outline of what I did, trailed by a point by point direct just underneath it:

  1. Altogether erase your Samsung account from →
  2. Factory reset your gadget.
  3. Now re-make a Samsung account with a similar email ID and accreditations as used already.
  4. After factory reset, when your telephone requests a Samsung account, login using the re-made record.
  5. Go to Settings » Lock screen and security » Find My Mobile » and turn off the reactivation lock switch. It’ll unquestionably kill.


Deleting your Samsung account implies you’ll lose any back-up, buys produced using your Samsung account. Try not to continue if that is something you can’t/would prefer not to do.

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How to disable reactivation lock on Galaxy S6

Stage 1: Delete Samsung Account

  1. Open → on your internet browser.
  2. Sign-in with your Samsung account, you’ll see the accompanying page with “Profile” link on the menu on left, click on it.
  3. On the profile screen, there’ll be an “Erase account” button at the base, click on it, re-verify your secret key and erase the record.

Stage 2: Factory reset your Galaxy S6

  1. Boot into recovery mode:
  2. Power off your Galaxy S6.
  3. Press and hold “Power + Volume Up + Home” button together and discharge when you see the Galaxy S6 logo on the screen.
  4. If you’re on stock recovery, you’ll see a blue screen with Android. Hang tight for around 25 seconds to let the gadget naturally boot into recovery mode.
  5. Use Volume Up and Down buttons to parchment and Power button to choose a choice on stock recovery.
  6. Now to factory reset, select “wipe data/factory reset” alternative from recovery, and after that select Yes when it requests affirmation.
  7. Reboot gadget. You’ll be welcomed with the setup wizard, which will later square you because of reactivation lock on the telephone and will request your Samsung account. So we’ll now reproduce your Samsung account.

Stage 3: Recreate Samsung account

  1. Open → on your internet browser.
  2. Snap the “Create/Join” link at the upper right corner of the screen and make another record using a similar email ID and accreditations as used beforehand.
  3. Affirm account verification from your email inbox, if required.

Stage 4: Login with the re-made Samsung account and handicap reactivation lock

  1. After factory reset your Galaxy S6, the Setup wizard will approach you for a Samsung record to get past reactivation lock.
  2. Login using the re-made Samsung account. It’ll get you through.
  3. When Setup wraps up. Go to Settings » Lock screen and security » and select Find My Mobile.
  4. What’s more, now, at last, TOGGLE OFF REACTIVATION LOCK.. phew!!

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