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4K Video DownloaderTired of searching for ways to download 4K videos and still can’t find a solution? Try this 4K Tiktok Video Downloader for a change and see how good it is. Most online video platforms won’t allow you to download videos at all, let alone in 4K quality. Nowadays, a 4K screen is a norm in every house, but the internet dies whenever you stream a 4K video. Downloading a 4K video requires those platforms that support this resolution. Moreover, not all portals allow 3rd party tools to download, and you can’t download a video directly from them. These are the past problems; with this 4K Video Downloader, you can download videos from any platform in any video resolution and format.

This tool is not limited to videos only, you can download entire playlists, even the whole channel. Make sure to check your internet before you decide to drop down the bomb by downloading the whole channel or playlist. Moreover, you can even convert online videos to any audio format. Let’s look at what features it offers before sharing how you can use this tool.


  • Convert any video to MP3 or any other video format like OGG
  • Convert YouTube Videos to MP3
  • 30-days trial version
  • Download Videos in any quality, including 4K
  • Download videos from any platform, including YouTube, TikTok, Bilibili, Facebook, Dailymotion, Vimeo, and more
  • Dedicated Android Application to convert videos directly on mobile
  • Your video and audio settings are saved in your account, no need to set them again and again

Apart from downloading or converting, you can even edit videos online with this tool. The conversion process is quick and easy; there are no restrictions on file size and how many times you want to download or convert. You can play the downloaded videos on any device that supports 4k playback.

Even if you have some private YouTube videos, 4K Video Downloader saves them, so you can view them offline even if you switch accounts. Furthermore, if you want to extract subtitles from YouTube videos, you can download them in SRT format. This is a great feature that lets you use these subs on any other video you have.

Now, let’s see how you can use this tool to download or covert a video or audio.

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How To Use 4k Video Downloader To Download Videos

Let’s start with downloading standard videos, and then we’ll get to download playlists and saved videos.

Visit this link to download the application; it is available for all the platforms, so feel free to download it.

  1. Navigate to the video you want to download and copy the URL
  2. Open the 4k Video Downloader, paste the URL in the search bar, and click the Search icon.
  3. Once the video is found, click the Download button to start downloading.
  4. Then, you get to choose the quality to download, select that, and the download will begin.
  5. That’s it, navigate to where you saved the file, open it and start watching the video.

Use 4k Video Downloader To Download Playlists

The selling point of this tool is the entire playlist downloading. Following are the steps you can follow to do so:

  1. Open the playlist you want to download on your browser, and copy the URL of that playlist.
  2. Open the 4k Video Downloader tool and paste the URL there.
  3. Click the Download Playlist button to download the entire playlist.
  4. Choose the required format and quality, select where you want to save it, and click Download.
  5. Since it is a whole playlist, it will take some time, but all videos will be downloaded.

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Download 4K videos on Android

4k Video Downloader is also available for the Android platform; you can pay once and enjoy it on three devices simultaneously.

  1. Download the app for the Android platform.
  2. Install it like any other app via the Apk file and open it.
  3. Now open YouTube in chrome or on Mobile. Since grabbing a URL on mobile is difficult, it is better to copy the URL from the browser. But still, if you want to use the mobile app, you have to share the video with someone on a message. Then instead of sending that link, select it and copy it.
  4. Go back to the 4k Video Downloader app and click on Paste Link.
  5. The app will retrieve the video information, and then you can tap on the video and choose where you want to save it.

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