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Dr. Mario World will be Released on iOS and Android On July 10

Nintendo has announced that its new puzzle game called ‘ Dr. Mario World ‘ will be available for iOS and Android next July 10.

This fun game that was announced by the company at the beginning of the year and comes in collaboration with Line, will mark a new adventure course for the popular character of Mario who will now wear a white coat as in the 90s.

Dr. Mario World will be Released on iOS and Android On July 10

Dr. Mario World

As mentioned by the source, this new game that is already available in the pre-order form, will be a  free game and will have several stages where you can exchange – send and receive – hearts with other players in order to obtain or grant additional resistance to complete the levels.

In addition to this, the official website of Dr. Mario World mentions that the objective of this game is to align capsules of the same color to eliminate the existing viruses in each stage.

Rewards through diamonds

Within this game these stages are represented by new challenges full of surprises and rewards, such as each player has a limited number of capsules or to accumulate money in each game, then exchange them for diamonds and thus obtain items, recover the resistance or buy new doctors with special abilities.

Various characters 

As expected Mario will not be the only character available in Dr. Mario World, in addition to the main character will also be available to doctors Toad, Peach, and Luigi but to access them we must unlock them.

However, the source does not clarify whether these characters can be unlocked through the levels or with real money, mention that packs can be purchased from 20 diamonds for a cost of USD $ 2 to 1050 diamonds for UDS $ 70.

Five maps available

At first, this puzzle game will have only five maps for fun, which will come with a mapping very similar to Mario, and although they are few, it is expected that the game company will add more environments in the future not very far.

These maps will allow Dr. Mario and his friends immersed in different phases so that ultimately everything suggests that will be a game very expensive and fun.

For now, we can access the official website of Dr. Mario World and registers from the  App Store or Google Play to notify us when the game is available.

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