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All New Apple Watch Will Monitor Diabetes

All New Apple Watch Will Monitor Diabetes

If there is something that Apple has always highlighted, it has been due to its concern for the accessibility of its devices and for the control of health. And with the launch of the Apple Watch, the monitoring of different aspects related to the world of health has taken on new obsession fees. Now, according to the CEO of Dexcom, it has been the turn of diabetes, since apparently, both companies would be collaborating to be able to monitor blood glucose levels from the Apple Watch.

The interview offered by Kevin Sayer, CEO of Dexcom to CNBC, shows the collaboration between Apple and the company that launched the G6 portable device last year.  It is a glucose tracking device allowed by the FDA that does not require puncture or calibration. A small sensor is inserted under the skin, allowing continuous measurement of blood glucose levels and sending data to a device through a wireless transmitter.

Dexcom and Apple would be collaborating to monitor diabetes from the Apple Watch

At the beginning of last year, there was talk that Apple Watch would be able to measure blood glucose levels in the future. And even, just a couple of months ago there was the talk of a patent to “smell” glucose. And the future seems to have arrived.

According to Sayer, it is enough to take a continuous glucose monitor and make it smaller. Obviously it is not so simple but, considering that “it is an excellent tool for people with diabetes” , and that Kevin Sayer himself says “you have to take the product to where the patient can use it”, the collaboration between Dexcom and Apple, to be able to monitor blood glucose levels from the Apple Watch is excellent news.

All New Apple Watch Will Monitor Diabetes

Obviously, the potential market is very broad, since more than 8 million people in the United States and Europe receive insulin. But in addition to people who already have diabetes, it can be an excellent tool to know in advance the development of the disease. If we take into account that type 1 diabetes usually appears in children and adolescents and type 2 diabetes is typical of adulthood, the age spectrum is enormous.

Now we just have to wait to know when it will be integrated into the Apple Watch, becoming one of the most versatile health-related devices in the market.

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