EaseUS Todo PCTrans Review – Know Everything about EaseUS

EaseUS Todo PCTrans

Whenever you set up a new Windows 10 PC, one of the toughest jobs is just to reinstall each and everything from scratch. While you can always use a Windows 10 Image, and then use it anywhere, however, if you already have set up Windows on another PC. You need something that can do all the heavy lifting. In his post, we are now reviewing EaseUS Todo PCTrans for Windows as well. In this article, we are going to talk about EaseUS Todo PCTrans Review – Know Everything about EaseUS. Let’s begin!

EaseUS Todo PCTrans

Installing the EaseUS Todo PCTrans 11.0 is really simple.

  • You can visit the EaseUS website and tap on the free download button in the center of the page. The installer will also be downloaded.
  • When you run the installer, there will be a prompt from Windows confirming if you guys want to permit the installer in order to modify the system state. Tap on Yes in order to continue.
  • Tap on the checkbox at the left bottom of the screen in order to accept the terms of service and tap on install in order to complete the installation along with the default settings.
  • Now, the installer will also download the required files and install the software. Relying on the internet bandwidth and CPU power, then this could take a few minutes. Whenever it is install, you can open it using its icon in the start menu.

First Impressions | EaseUS Todo PCTrans

The installation process went really smoothly, and the installer did not install any bloatware or also adware during the process. EaseUS’s website is also really easy to navigate, and also the user interface of the EaseUS Todo PCTrans has a minimalistic vibe to it as well.

The main landing screen of the application actually contains a navigation pane on the left. And corresponding actions in the main action area as well. In version 11 of the software, EaseUS Todo PCTrans also offers PC to PC apps and data migration. You have to create the backup and restore images and cleaning tools in order to clear space. The setting up process was not too complicated and worked flawlessly.

Overall, we pretty much liked how modern the user interface of the application is whenever you guys look into the alternatives. Some of the same as software look like you have to be a programmer to understand what you are doing and EaseUS. As always, have done their part exceedingly well in order to keep this application simple.

Main Features

What actually makes the EaseUS Todo PCTrans different from its competition is the ease of use, and it just works as well. In the week of testing, we did not really face any hitches in data migration. However, we had a stable link to the network all the time.

PC to PC: EaseUS Todo PCTrans permits migrating user accounts and settings from one PC to another. You have to install the software on both PCs and also have them on the same network in order to begin the transfer.

EaseUS Todo PCTrans

Image Transfer: It also permits users to create images to backup files, programs, and settings as well. Using this feature, you can also archive your data in case you have to restore it later. This will also help the users that want in order to migrate data from one PC to another that can’t be on the same network as well.

App Migration: Have a large-sized app that you might need later however, need that extra space for now? Create an image and also put it away on another disk. Whenever you guys restore it, all the in-application data will also be restored, and then you can resume using it just where you left it!

System Cleanup: The software scans the OS drive for temporary files and much other junk that can be deleted so that you can also utilize the extra space.

Large File Cleanup: It permits users to scan their drives for large files. It makes deleting old or unnecessary files easier, as you can see the list of files from largest to smallest as well.

How does EaseUS Todo PCTrans actually work?

1] PC to PC Transfer

Make sure the PCs are on the same network, and also they both have the identical copy of Run EaseUS Todo PCTrans

  • Choose PC to PC on the computer from where you guys want to transfer data.
  • It should discover all the computers running the software as well. In this case, you guys should see the other computer to which you want to transfer data. Choose the computer that you want to connect.
  • Post this; you guys will have the option to transfer both ways, i.e. you can also copy data/apps from new computer to old computer as well.
  • When the direction is set, the next screen offers you to choose particular applications, files, or accounts. You can edit each of the sections, and choose each of them.

Whenever you do that, tap on the Transfer button in order to initiate the process.

2] Image transfer method

The method works just the same, except that it creates an image of applications. When you choose Image transfer,  you have two options. One lets you to create an image. The second enables you in order to recover from an image. Select to create an option on the primary PC, and then choose apps, files, and accounts.

Next copy the image that you created on the primary PC, and copy it to the PC where you need to transfer everything. Using the same software, this time you guys should select to Recover via an image file. When the process is complete, all apps, accounts, and data will be restored at the exact place because they were on the old computer.

3] App Migration

One of the best features of the EaseUS Todo PCTrans tool is that it can actually BULK move applications from one drive to another drive. While windows offer a similar situation, they cannot do the mass transfer. If you are running out of space on the primary drive or need to install an enormous application, this application can help.


We tested this application in order to transfer data across a few machines, which included one Xeon workstation, one gaming computer, and also one utility laptop. We felt that in most of the cases, the performance was capped via the disk speeds, and that made us realize that there is no bottleneck in the way the software works as well. It is faster on SSDs than HDDs, and also extra cores of the CPU help boost the performance. If the disk copes up along with the speeds.


The EaseUS Todo PCTrans also comes in three bundles.

  • The freeware (Free) contains basic functionalities, permitting users to transfer more than 500MB of data and up to two applications each and every to be transferred to another PC and a disk.
  • The Professional Edition ($49.95) can also use on two PCs. It comes along with no limits on backup and restores as well as the transfer cap. But, you guys can’t use it for business purposes.
  • The Technician Edition ($300.00) of EaseUS Todo PCTrans does not really have any limitations. we can use it on multiple PCs and can also be used for professional work, as well.


If you guys have bought a professional or technician edition key for EaseUS Todo PCTrans. Also activating the software is really straightforward.

Just open the application and click on the square icon along with a down arrow in the top corner of the window. Tap on Activate/Enter license key. Just tap on entering License in the top edge of the pop-up window.

Now enter your license key and then activate it.

After Sales Service/Technical Support

On their website, EaseUS also has how-to’s, answers to frequently asked questions, and video tutorials for all their software as well. They also have a live chat feature to resolve customer issues. And respond quickly to any questions you might have as well.

If you guys lose your activation key, you can also retrieve it via one of their forms. You just have the registered email ID and registration number in order to get it mailed back to you. Pretty cool, right? We also think so!


Alright, That was all Folks! I hope you guys like this article and also find it helpful to you. Give us your feedback on it. Also if you guys have further queries and issues related to this article. Then let us know in the comments section below. We will get back to you shortly.

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