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How to Enable Galaxy Labs features on S7 and S7 Edge

For Samsung, it must be very tingling to attempt/test new programming improvements on their leads. So this time the Korean maker put a savvy route forward to Galaxy Labs features on the S7 and S7 Edge — Galaxy Labs.

If you’ve at any point used Gmail Labs include on your Gmail account, you’d get a trace of what Samsung is attempting to with Galaxy Labs on Samsung devices. The gadgets mammoth has put in a work in an approach to test includes on its lead devices, with open voting in favor of criticism.

Galaxy Labs features

At this moment, Lab features on the S7 and S7 Edge:

  • Demonstrate all apps on the home screen: This will demonstrate all your apps on the home screen rather than the Apps screen (app cabinet).
  • Brisk Dial: With this, you can essentially make a call of the home key and a name (voice worked).

How to Enable Galaxy Labs features on S7 and S7 Edge

  • Go to Settings » Advanced highlights » Galaxy Labs.
  • Select the component you need to test from the rundown.
  • Turn it On.

This is an inviting element for the Samsung devices and we surmise it’ll be amusing to perceive what new highlights Samsung would acquire Galaxy Labs what’s to come.

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