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How To Enable Ghost Mode In Snapchat

Snapchat ghost mode option is a privacy option that keeps your location private. Since the introduction of Snap Maps, there have been serious concerns about the amount of data the network has and about which third parties have access. Guest mode is a way to prevent the display of the location during use. Today I will talk about who to enable phantom mode on Snapchat and give you some reasons why I should do it now.

Snapchat has always done something unique with the location. Use your location to offer you excellent filters for your stories. Snapchat has now added a new feature that lets you see your friends’ stories based on location. By default, all your stories are geotagged. If a story is popular, it will appear on a map. You can use the map to find popular stories around you and see them. Of course, it is subject to your privacy settings. The good thing is that Snapchat has introduced you to this feature. You can enable Ghost mode on Snapchat and keep your current location off the map.

Viewing map

Open Snapchat and swipe left to access the Stories screen. Pinch on this screen and be careful not to accidentally tap a suggested story or account. It will be taken to the Map screen.

You will see blue markers on the map of the famous stories nearby, even if you will not be able to see them if you are not friends with those who published them. This is subject to the privacy settings of the person sharing the snaps.

Enable ghost mode on Snapchat

On the map screen, tap the settings icon at the top. You can enable Ghost mode on Snapchat from the settings screen that opens. When you have enabled Ghost mode, your location is hidden while using Snapchat.


Alternatively, you can tap your bitmoji avatar on the map. A small banner appears at the bottom of the screen showing the recent photo you posted with your current location. Tap this banner and you’ll go to the same settings screen.

When you activate Ghost mode, your avatar’s face disappears. Instead, it is replaced with a blue version of the Snapchat logo, which means you’re not sharing your current location.

When in ghost mode, the cogwheel icon at the top of the map screen also receives a small ghost badge.

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Post to map

You will see that the map screen has a capture button at the bottom. When you tap it, switch to camera mode where you can take a picture, edit it, etc. When you share it, even if your photo appears on the map, as long as Ghost mode is disabled. You can choose to post the plugin in your story, but you can always share it with a specific friend instead of with all your friends.

In terms of location, Snapchat incorporates it reasonably well into the app. In fact, it emphasizes the creation of features that, we assume, Facebook will copy this soon.

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