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Enter the Recovery Mode of the iPhone XR, XS, XS Max and X with these Simple Steps

Enter the Recovery Mode of the iPhone XR, XS, XS Max and X with these Simple Steps

Sometimes we find ourselves in situations where our iPhone is left on the  Apple logo and does not start, it is stuck in the iTunes logo with a USB cable or the computer does not recognize the computer.

That is why we present some options to enter the recovery mode of the iPhone  XS, XR, XS Max or X, computers that can be restored with iTunes or Finder, the latter available for macOS Catalina and previous versions.

iPhone recovery mode

The first thing you need is a USB cable and a computer with the version most current of iTunes or MacOS Catalina, as well as make sure to have a backup device before starting the process.

  1. We connect the iPhone XR, XS, XS Max or X to a computer through the USB cable.
  2. We open iTunes on Mac or Windows, or Finder on macOS Catalina.
  3. We pressed and we release the key volume up on the iPhone, then do the same with that of lower volume.
  4. Then we press the power button until the iPhone we mark the option recovery mode, and select.
  5. At this point, iTunes or Finder will show us an alert indicating that an iPhone has been found in recovery mode.
  6. After entering Recovery Mode, we can update the iPhone XR, XS, XS Max, X with the latest available version of iOS, or restore to the version we want from iTunes or Finder and Ready!
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How do we get out of recovery mode?

The process out of recovery mode occurs in automatically once it is restored or updated iPhone, however, also can go out this way without doing any restoration producing a hard reset on the device as follows:

  1. We disconnected the iPhone from the computer.
  2. Then we press and let go of the button volume up and down as we did in the previous process, and then keep pressing the power button until you see the logo of Apple on the screen of the iPhone.
  3. This will take the iPhone out of the recovery mode and it will show the iPhone in the previous state before running the recovery mode.

Remember that all Apple devices can enter this recovery mode, however, such configuration will depend on the equipment in question.

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