Essential Phone Users Have Found Android Q Easter Egg

According to some Reddit users, those who run the beta version of Android Q on Essential Phone. Then have an advantage over other Android users who try the next compilation of Google’s open-source operating system. This is because they are the first to see the Q Android Easter egg. For the uninitiated, an Easter egg is something like an internal joke or a hidden message. You can see this in the software. For example, in Android Lollipop you can notice a mini-game like Flappy Bird hidden.

Flappy Bird, for those who might not remember, was exciting and easy to play the game. Players have touched the screen to guide an 8-bit bird created by pixel art through certain tube-based obstacles. The game was a great success collecting up to $ 50,000 a day in revenue for creator Dong Nguyen. Who ended up shooting down Flappy Bird for several personal reasons?

Android Q Easter Egg

But we’re deviating. The Easter egg in Android 9 Pie is the letter P surrounded by a ring of circles. It moves in a mesmerizing way. After tapping the screen, a drawing application is loaded that lets you use your finger. And create a masterpiece in up to eight different colors. And now Essential Phone users who have participated in the Android Q beta program can watch Android Q Easter Egg. To get there, go to Settings> About phone. Scroll down and touch the Android version. A window will open with the Android version at the top. Touch that number several times to see the Easter egg.

The Easter egg in Android Q is a two-tone screen with a background of diagonal lines superimposed on the stylized Android logo and number 10. Although we call this construction Android Q, we must not forget that it is really Android 10. Apparently, a double-tap on the numbers causes the animation of the figures and the letter Q. At that point, the lines in the background start to come alive. When you touch the screen a little more at this point, a nonogram puzzle appears. With this type of puzzle, the numbers on the side of the screen are deciphered. It shows which cells in each grid are blackened. Once all the correct cells are dark, a hidden image will be displayed.

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As we said, this is only on the Essential phone right now. If you want to solve this puzzle or just see the Easter egg right now. It is essential that you have the correct phone number (sorry). Meanwhile, the Pixel phones running the sixth and final beta update of Android Q cannot fix the nonogram right now.

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