Google Docs, Sheets And Slides To Get A Redesign Of The Theme

Google Drive on the Web was one of the first services to receive material theme treatment. In 2018, with Android and iOS customers starting in April. The Google Docs, Sheets and slides home pages have been updated in February. With an update similar to the Google Material Theme now available for Android apps.

Like other redesigns of the theme of the material, the app bars now do not have the color. Blue for documents, green for sheets or yellow for slides. The accent theme remains in the grid view along with the file names.

The Google four-color logo with Documents in Google Sans is instead centered. The search is located right next to it with a folder icon for “Open from” Device or storage device.

While Drive for Android still has a navigation drawer, Google has moved the key functionality to the bottom bar. In Docs, sheets, and slides, the navigation element does not change mainly with Recent, shared with me. Featured, Offline Files, Trash, Notifications, Settings and link to open Google Drive.

Google Docs, Sheets And Slides For Android To Get A Redesign Of The Theme

Google continues to expand the problem of the material theme to multiple apps. This time, a series of three apps are getting the new redesign simultaneously: docs, sheets, and slides. The three updates that make these important visual changes should now be available. You can download through the Play Store, after being implemented to select users two months ago.

The first thing you’ll notice when you open one of the three apps is the lack of the bottom bar. Well, actually they are there. But now they are colorless (white to be more precise), so they are more difficult to detect. The new design brings a new set of material theme icons for “New Document” and “Choose Template”.

Although the design of the updated material theme brings significant visual changes. It does not affect the functionality of the apps. Many tabs have not been transferred, so you will find everything in the same place. Like the last time, you looked at one of these apps.

The multicolored FAB has been maintained and positioned in the lower right corner. Furthermore, the navigation bar has all the features of the previous versions. So, you can access functions such as Shared with me, Featured, Recent files, Offline, Trash, Notifications, Settings, and Google Drive.

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The conclusion is that, apart from the obvious visual improvements, the update does not bring other changes. So, consider this just a simple renewal that aligns the apps with the new design language of Google.

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