Facebook has eliminated 2 billion false accounts this year

Facebook is one of the places most used by Internet users to get their ration of information. We open the app, and we drop in the news feed, where we move freely to see the items that best come or that our friends share. However, it is also one of the main nests of “fake news”, causing millions of users to be influenced by erroneous or manipulated information from various accounts of the social network.

In this sense, Facebook has been working very hard to get an environment in which users do not have to worry about checking each owner that appears in your feed. A place where fake news may not have been eradicated, but reduced significantly. To do this, they use different algorithms that control the content automatically as well as moderation teams that analyze both accounts and content created by Facebook visitors.

In the last year, according to information shared by Mashable, Facebook would have eliminated more than 2.190 million false accounts combining both those automatically deleted and those that have been eliminated by the content control teams. So you can get an idea, Facebook’s active users are 2,375 million, of which an estimated 118 million are fake accounts. In perspective, the work they have done from the social network is really impressive.

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However, there is still much to be able to completely eliminate this scourge of social networks. The bots are increasingly complex, and although many of them are already deleted automatically, it is still necessary for users to report those accounts that show suspicious activity. In this way, we will help Facebook discover the fraudulent accounts to finish eliminating the millions that remain

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