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Fix Bootloop on Android phones

We’ve all been there. Soft Bricks and bootloop happen when you enter the universe of rooting Android devices. People who have used Android throughout recent years and have rooted in various devices would know this.

Bootloop can happen on any device and there are in excess of a hundred reasons that can trigger a bootloop, however, the cause is dependably an insecure framework caused by modifying/adjusting a portion of the framework files in an inappropriate manner.

Like flashing a custom bit not good with your firmware may cause a bootloop. A custom textual style or inappropriate authorization for any file on the framework could cause a bootloop.

Fix Bootloop

How to Fix Bootloop on Android phones

Bootloop can be caused by a hundred different ways. Yet there’s extremely one approach to fix a bootloop — flashing the stock firmware. Like we said before, a bootloop is caused by a precarious framework. So what you have to do is fix that unsteady framework by installing a steady framework.

If you have a nandroid back-up (CWM/TWRP back-up) from when your device was working fine and had a steady framework, then it’d do fine and dandy to fix the bootloop on the device. Nonetheless, odds are you might not have it, so all things considered flashing a stock firmware of your device is the main decision.

Android is a BIG world with a great many devices selling in different markets far and wide, and every device has a novel stock framework firmware. So it isn’t generally conceivable to keep a database of every one of these firmwares.

If you happen to possess devices from any of the real Android producers however, finding a stock firmware may not demonstrate a lot of an inconvenience then.

We’ve done broad research for the finding the best assets to download the stock firmware for Android devices from the accompanying organizations: Samsung, Google, Sony, HTC, LG, and Motorola. The following are the subtleties:

Flashing a stock firmware is extremely the best way to fix bootloop on Android devices, so regardless of whether it looks testing to you, know that it merits the exertion.


The following are a few assets for the famous producers/devices to install stock firmware, with the goal that you can fix bootloop on your Android device.


Nexus devices are one of the most straightforward to install the stock firmware. Google gives fastboot flashable processing plant pictures to the majority of its Nexus devices and for all Android forms at any point discharged for them. You can get these processing plant pictures at the link underneath, alongside an itemized well ordered flashing directions:

Nexus devices industrial facility picture downloads and installation guidelines


Installing stock firmware on Samsung devices is simple also. You simply need to download an Odin flashable .tar file of stock firmware for your device model number and flash it using Odin.

The following are links to two site that have the biggest database of stock firmwares for all Samsung devices. Download firmware for your device model number from these assets and afterward adhere to our guidelines manual to install the firmware using Odin.

Firmware download resources: SamMobile  |  Samsung-Updates

How to Install Stock Firmware using Odin


Installing stock firmware on Sony devices is simpler as well. A custom apparatus called FlashTool is accessible for Sony Xperia devices that gives you a chance to flash stock Xperia firmwares that come as a .ftf file. Also, there’s a decent apparatus called XperiFirm to discover and download .ftf firmware for Sony Xperia device. The following are links to both the instruments:

 Download XperiFirm

 Download FlashTool for Sony


Motorola has a design near Nexus devices for the bootloader. And thus additionally has a fundamentally the same as a path for installing stock firmware. You have got the choice to use either RSDLite, Motorola-disseminated programming to flash stock firmware OR you could tear open a stock firmware, get the .img files for all framework allotments and physically flash each parcel by means of Fastboot (or mfastboot.exe) like Nexus devices.

Download Motorola Firmware

Download RSDLite


HTC gives the most straightforward of all method to install stock firmwares. Stock firmware for HTC devices come as an RUU (Rom Upgrade Utility) which is an independent snap based installer with a firmware pre-bundled into it.

For HTC users from the USA, HTC has a page to download most recent accessible RUU for every one of the devices discharged in the nation alongside installation guidelines. For different devices, pursue the link to the informal vault of HTC RUUs.

HTC RUU Download page (official)

Download HTC RUUs (unofficial, large database)


We by and by discover LG devices difficult to install stock firmware. However perhaps that is because we’ve had less involvement with LG devices. Anyway, LG stock firmware comes as .kdz files and can be installed using LG Flash Tool. The asset for both firmware download and Installation guidance is as well as can be expected to find on the interwebs for LG devices.

 Download LG Stock Firmware

 KDZ firmware installation guide for LG Devices

That is all the data we’ve for installing stock firmware on Android devices from most well-known producers. We may update this post with links and assets for more devices, however, it isn’t generally the motivation behind this page. All you have to know is that to fix bootloop on your Android device, you have to install stock firmware on the device. Now, if we haven’t given data to your device maker, complete a Google search. You’ll without a doubt discover useful outcomes.

Expectation the data above causes you to fix bootloop/delicate block on your Android phone. If you’ve anything to add to this page, let us know about it in the remarks segment underneath.

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