Flotato can become the macOS app you want

The success of an operating system lies in the applications. The more you have, the more likely it is that people will use it. In this sense, macOS is well covered. On Apple Mac computers there is a very extensive catalog of apps available, both in the Mac App Store and on the websites of the developers. However, that does not mean that all needs are covered.

For example, in the field of social networks, there are hardly any official proposals. Twitter has long since abandoned his, and Instagram and Facebook have never developed one, but with Flotato this is no longer a problem.


Flotato: web applications with iPhone interface for macOS

Morten Just, the developer of Flotato, has not discovered the web applications or web apps, but he has managed to give a return to the concept and make them more attractive.

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With Flotato we can convert any website into an application for macOS with an iOS-style interface. Its operation is very simple: copy and rename. With just put Twitter, Instagram, Netflix or YouTube, we will have functional apps with which we will not need Safari or any other web browser.

As advertised on your Twitter account, Flotato is compact, lightweight and incredibly fast. Each application created with Flotato can show specific information and notifications in its Dock icon, as well as open links with beautiful and elegant visual effects.

To keep minimalism and a clean appearance, the buttons close, minimize and full-screen hide, only reappearing when the mouse passes over.

Flotato is also respectful of the privacy of users. It is capable of blocking more than 30 thousand known trackers whose mission is to gather information about you.

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This curious program is not yet available for download, although there is a form on its website that we can fill out if we are interested in knowing when it will officially be released and any other news.

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