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The best applications to download wallpapers on your iPhone or iPad

Currently, with iOS, we find an operating system that is in full transformation. The next month of June, during the new edition of the WWDC, Apple will present a new version in which they could introduce important changes in the design of the system, such as the expected introduction of the dark mode. Linked to other features that have been added over time, such as the ability to change the icon of certain apps, personalization is increasing.

To take advantage of these changes, and not stay behind as if we were the ones who have stayed anchored in the past, perhaps we would like a change of wallpaper. In the end, our background in the first thing that people see when we share our phone, and often it is a mirror of our own personality. For this reason, today we present several applications with which you can find the perfect background to refresh the design of your iPhone or iPad without too much complication.

iPhone Wallpaper


Unsplash is not just a place where we can find lots of perfect wallpapers for our phone or tablet. In addition, it is a completely free image library that we can use with total freedom for our projects, with more than 900,000 high-resolution options to choose from. Of course, it never hurts to give credit to the authors who provide the photographs if possible. Unless you use it simply in the background since you will not want to destroy its beautiful images.

[appbox appstore id1290631746]


Background is an alternative client to access the Unsplash image library. A different way to access the contents focusing on transforming them into wallpapers. Again, the images use the Creative Commons Zero License, so they can be copied, modified, distributed and used with complete freedom. The app is free, but we have the option to access a premium subscription to improve the experience, although it is not necessary to download the funds.

[appbox appstore id1171036231]


Walli is a community in which more than 8 million users have the opportunity to access the works of artists of all kinds to give a unique touch to our wallpaper. Something interesting about this option is that the artists who publish their works on the platform, and who have been chosen selectively by the community team, receive part of the benefits obtained by Walli. In this way, not only do we earn a lot of great funds, but artists also receive a benefit, and that is always something we should bet on.

[appbox appstore id1061097668]

Atlas Wallpaper

Sometimes we want something more special than the classic photographs, so Atlas gives us the option of taking our wallpaper directly from the skies thanks to the aerial view of the maps. Select the area from which you want to create a wallpaper and the style of the map and you can always leave it in front of your phone. Now you can make it clear if you are more of a city or mountain with only show your background, although it may sometimes be difficult to distinguish a bit.

[appbox appstore id1368484008]

Vellum Wallpaper

If you have trouble choosing between the images of large libraries or simply want to let others help you choose your perfect background, Vellum is for you. With this app, you can access a series of packs whose funds change daily. Of course, unless you have the Vellum Premium subscription, you can only access the fund you touch that day and not those who have been appearing in the past.

[appbox appstore id1095068317]

With all these options, you no longer have any excuses to change the wallpaper. In fact, I should start doing it myself, because if I’m honest, the truth is that I still have the background that came by default with the iPhone. Of course, I’m sure that I’m not the only one who follows him when he came out of the box. Anyway, with all these free apps you have many options to further customize your device, so do not hesitate to spend a few minutes choosing your background.

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