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How to Customize the Font on Notepad in Windows 10

Font on Notepad

Notepad is actually a simple text editor and such as all simple text editors, and it doesn’t really let you customize fonts. There’s no real need in order to add colors or other formatting styles in order to text whenever you’re using Notepad. It’s mostly used in order to remove formatting from text that’s been copied from a web page or document. That said that you can still customize the font on Notepad to some extent. There are also limitations, obviously. The changes that you guys make are going to be visual. The text itself will also be plain without even any formatting whatsoever. In this article, we are going to talk about How to customize the font on Notepad in Windows 10. Let’s begin!

One of the problems along with Notepad is it’s really easy to change certain things like the default font. And if you guys or someone else has changed anything about the font actually. Then there is nothing in the program that permits you in order to reset the setting back to the default. If you guys have children in the family or like to experiment with a lot of settings yourself. It’s really easy to mistakenly set the font to something such as Wingdings or Webdings and the words “Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00” from a .reg file just look a little different!

How to Customize the Font on Notepad in Windows 10

Well, the customization options for the font on Notepad permit you to choose a different typeface. apply to style, and then change the font size.

In order to customize the font on Notepad, open it and then head to Format>Font. Choose a font from the list of installed fonts under the Font list. Then choose a style from the Font Style list, and also select the size from the Size list. You guys will be able to see a preview of the font in the Sample section. Tap on Ok and the same font, style, and size will also be used on all Notepad files as well.

Whenever you open any TXT file in Notepad, or any other files that Notepad can edit e.g., HTML or BAT, or PS1 files. Then they will all be displayed in the same custom font that you guys have set. You guys can also change the font any time you want. However, regardless that font you use or what style you apply, and the text will still remain ‘clean’. If you guys paste it into a Word document, or also in your email client, then it will be pasted as plain text.

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Files that you guys create in Notepad after customizing the font, and then share along with someone will conform in order to the font settings they use. If they’re also using a different text editor, the file will also be displayed in its default font as well. If they’re using Notepad, then it will conform to the default font settings for Notepad on their system as well.

You guys can also change the script that’s used in order to display text. If you select to use the Greek or Baltic, or many other scripts, this font property will be saved. This is because you’re entering text in a different typeface as well. It may not provide correctly on systems that don’t support the script but, it’s really rare that you’ll find one that doesn’t actually support it. Even if a script isn’t supported on an OS level, also a text editor will normally support the more commonly used ones actually.

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