The Best FTP Clients for Android You can Use

FTP Clients for Android

Android is capable of doing a lot of things and maintaining an FTP connection is also one of them. With many FTP clients for Android, you guys can automate the file uploading as well as the downloading process. This might be really useful if you guys want to manage your files via your smartphone. In this article, we are going to talk about The Best FTP Clients for Android You can Use. Let’s begin!

FTP which stands for File Transfer Protocol is also crucial for uploading as well as downloading files from any server. It basically uses two different ports between the host computer and a remote server in order to maintain a connection and transfer files. It is beneficial to create and modify many client projects quickly. The security of such a connection entirely relies on what type of FTP client is being used.

The Best FTP Clients for Android You can Use

There are many FTP Clients available for PCs and desktops. However, there might be times whenever you would want to have quick access to any specific host server directly from your phone. In these cases, if you are using a smartphone, then these Android FTP clients will basically help you to solve your problem.


This app is quite an old one in the market; still, it’s a really popular one for its smooth functioning and performance. It comes along with a very simple User Interface just similar to AndFTP giving an easy start for every new session. It also supports SFTP as well.

You guys can view all your folders on the screen, and it is straightforward to create new folders, upload, download them, as well., hence saving a good amount of time for the users. This app is also available for Android 2.2 and also all later versions.

FTP Clients for Android


  • Simple User Interface
  • Great Themes (light and dark)
  • It supports .zip and .rar for compressing/decompressing files.


  • It supports limited SMB

Download AntTek

Turbo FTP Client

You guys can count on Turbo FTP Client if you are looking for something free as well as effective. An absolutely free app to use, the developers have done a really great job in the intuitive design. It offers support for FTP and SFTP, and that also does a great job of enhancing usability. This app works really well on both Android smartphones as well as tablet computers.

Another thing we loved about Turbo FTP Client is that you guys can actually have more features if you have a rooted phone. Even without that, you can also keep the app on the SD card for other purposes. Unlike most of the apps that you guys see in these lists. Turbo FTP Client is regularly updated and also maintained as well. This makes sure a certain level of safety whenever you think about it.

FTP Clients for Android


  • Well optimized
  • Incredibly fast
  • Supports password encryption
  • Personal support
  • Multiview support
  • It supports private key and passphrase
  • Multi-language support


  • Low memory issues

Download   Turbo FTP  


AndFTP, which is apparently a short form for Android FTP, is a really great option whenever you need a functional and reliable FTP client for Android. Sure, it does not really boast the best designs or the most modern UI. However, if you’ve some experience along with FTP servers, then you know that you don’t need those. Rather, however, it offers a rather direct way to deal with files.

The developers also made this FTP client a long way back and that also makes sure some kind of compatibility. You will be able to use AndFTP on almost each and every Android device currently in use too. On the brighter side, the app is free to use and also offers support for almost all the famous protocols. It’s also good that you don’t even need an additional course to get started along with AndFTP.

This FTP client also offers you support for instant sharing from the gallery and synchronization of folders. Apart from that, it also lets third-party apps communicate along with the account. But, many users have felt that the FTP client’s interface looks just a bit obsolete. However, it is highly functional and simple to use, which matters in the end. The setup is pretty easy too. All you have to do is click on the “+” icon, fill in your details, and then select the local directory.

FTP Clients for Android


  • Available for free.
  • Easy to use.
  • Multi-language support


  • The design looks outdated.
  • Failed to upload large files during tests actually.

Download AndFTP

ES File Explorer

This can be a really great option for Android users, ES File Explorer just like the name suggests is a very famous file manager but can also be used as an FTP Client. Hence allowing you to do two different works via the same app. You guys can manage your local files as well as connect to any host server.

It is convenient, and you have to fill in all your details to get connected to the server. It is also added as the default file manager in a lot of smartphones via the manufacturers. Es File Explorer is also available for Android 4.0 and also all the later versions of Android.

FTP Clients for Android


  • Easy search and share files
  • Multiple resolution support
  • It supports 20+ language
  • Supports compressing or decompressing files
  • Multiple selection and sorting


  • Continuously runs in the background
  • Closed source

Download ES File Explorer

Easy FTP Client | FTP Clients for Android

Easy FTP client is also a really great option if you guys want to download/upload multiple files at once. It basically supports FTP, FTPS, SFTP protocols. You can also create ZIP files along with password protection.

Along with Easy FTP, you also get the option in order to pause or resume your downloads. Another really great thing about Easy FTP is actually the user-friendly interface that it brings. You guys should definitely check it out.

FTP Client


  • Upload or Download multiple files at once
  • Supports FTP, FTPS, SFTP protocols
  • Creating  Zip files along with passwords.
  • Pause and resume options are also available

Download Easy FTP Client

Termius – SSH/SFTP

Terminus is an FTP client built for security and high-level encryption as well. If you guys are trying to access a secured serv, then this is the one you sound used. They basically support ECDSA, ed25519, and chacha20-poly1305 encryption techniques and also support Local terminal along with bash control.

Apart from the traditional FTP, Termius also supports SSH, Mosh, as well as TELNET protocols. That makes it an all-in-one app for your FTP needs.



  • It supports ECDSA, ed25519, and chacha20poly1305 protocols
  • Desktop app for Windows, Mac, and Linux
  • Local terminal along with bash

Download Termius – SSH/SFTP

FTP Server | FTP Clients for Android

This is actually a robust application that lets you access or shares files on the internet seamlessly. The FTP Client comes along with so many features to talk about. FTP Server also offers an easy service through any network interface also including Wi-Fi, Ethernet, and Tethering.

Besides, it also supports multiple FTP users and a lot of paths for each user. When you enable the service on your device, it automatically opens ports on your router as well. Additionally, it offers a clean experience via letting you remove ads from the dedicated option present in the About screen.

FTP Server


  • Multiple FTP users
  • Automatically starts the server on system boot
  • Automatically starts the server whenever connected to a Wi-Fi network.
  • Supports public intent for scripting.


  • It doesn’t even work properly when doze mode is activated.

Download FTP Server


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