Galaxy Note 10 Will Allow You Zoom On Sound In Videos

Finally, Samsung has honored us with the new smartphones from the Note series. And, as usual, are some of the most capable smartphones at the moment. We will talk in detail about the features of the Note 10 and 10+ in the coming weeks and probably also in the months. But for now, we have only practical impressions and all the information Samsung provided us with during its presentation. There is a curious new feature that could be lost when the announcement breaks out. But we find it exciting and we decided to get your attention.

We’re talking about something that Samsung calls “Zoom-in Mic”. The Zoom-in microphone works in combination with the normal video zoom of the Note 10 camera. And what it does is improve the sound that comes from that particular point you’re focusing on. Imagine shooting a street artist on a busy street, as you approach, Note 10 will disconnect all the noise. And from the street and amplify the sound coming from the instrument. At least this is the theory.

Detail Audio Zoom

The examples that Samsung showed during the presentation and the one on its website. It does not give a good idea of ​​how it will work since there is only one sound source in the video. It’s definitely something worth trying, but if it really works as advertised. It would be a great testament to Samsung’s engineering capabilities.

One use of this feature that probably comes to mind is to listen secretly by amplifying a conversation.  And although it’s obviously something you can try to do; we doubt that this first implementation works so well. Also, having to point the phone at someone so they can spy on it doesn’t really mean stealth.

We have found that the zoom of the mic is connected to the zoom of the image in a limited way. What happens if you want to record a video of someone speaking in front of an audience. And you want to focus the recording of the sound on it but still capture the stage in which it is located?  Perhaps in a version with features of this feature, we can choose the area where the microphones should focus separately from the video feed.

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It seems that the manufactures could still surprise us with functionality even if they are not exactly innovative or something that will significantly improve their lives. Even so, we are always pleased to see surprises so small that they were not damaged by numerous losses weeks before the device was launched.

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