The Apple Watch is really waterproof

Although it is not advisable to test our Apple Watch, as it may happen, it turns out that it is not a device that we can compromise so easily. At least, not when the challenge is water since it seems that this watch not only has no problems to resist but also does it for much longer than expected. Not surprisingly, they have managed to find two Apple Watch that has been submerged in a lake for two weeks.

As they report from Cult of Mac, the two watches were found by the Brookfield police department in Connecticut. Thanks to their team of divers, who were running training maneuvers, they were able to find the two watches underwater, fully functional. Both devices were returned to their owners, who will surely have been very pleasantly surprised by the return home of the Apple Watch.

This story is curious, however, it is not the first time it occurs. In fact, only three other Apple Watch was found in this lake last year, which suggests that it may be advisable to leave some indication about using the watch in the vicinity of the watch. In addition, the case of a man who found his watch after losing it six months ago at sea was also recently known. And yes, it still worked.

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In short, all these stories make it quite clear that the little ones that many of us wear on our wrist are not as fragile as many may think. It is possible that many are still afraid because Apple has never indicated that they are completely water-resistant to avoid problems, but the truth is that with this type of incident, users are always much calmer. Who knows, maybe the next clock to go through something similar is ours.

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