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Get A QR Code For Your LinkedIn Profile

Rapid response codes are actually quite good, even if they don’t get the love, I think they deserve. In the past, I had to use a particular app to scan and also interpret QR codes, but the latest versions of Apple’s iOS have incorporated a scanning system directly into the camera app. In other words, take a normal photo that includes a QR code and automatically analyzes and interprets the code, then a small notification window is displayed that lets you decide whether you want to perform the CC code action or not. Unfortunately, Android has not yet incorporated QR scanning, so you need to download an appropriate app to interpret them.

However, I think there is a certain interesting factor in QR codes, so even if someone can’t figure out what to do with them, you know you’re still in fashion, right?

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How To Get A QR Code For Your LinkedIn Profile

QR codes were popular enough at the same time to share information quickly. They didn’t go out of fashion exactly, but they don’t find popular apps that support them. Instead, apps like Facebook Messenger and Snapchat have their brand codes. In essence, these brand codes are sophisticated QR codes that facilitate the addition of people. LinkedIn has introduced a new feature that lets you share a QR code for your LinkedIn profile and scan a QR code for someone else’s profile.

This feature has been added as an app update. Make sure you are running the latest version of the LinkedIn app.

  1. Open the LinkedIn app.
  2. Tap the search bar.
  3. You will notice the option “Scan code to connect”. Tap it.

This will take you to the code scanner. You may need to grant access to the camera app first. When you are on the code scanner screen, you can point the phone to a QR code for a LinkedIn profile. If you saved it on the camera spool, tap the “Scan from Photo” option.

To get a QR code for your LinkedIn profile, go to the My Code tab. Here you can share your QR code or save it as a photo on your camera roll.

Although LinkedIn may have introduced QR codes for profiles to facilitate the addition of people, particularly in network events, it is obvious that these codes will replace the link to LinkedIn profiles that people normally add to their CVs.

Code Generators

In the past, people have turned to QR code generators to create similar codes to target potential employers to their profiles. These codes are used on websites, business cards, CVs and any other promotional material. LinkedIn is basically recovering the way users share their profiles.

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Since the codes are much easier to scan on the phones. And you have to jump through the circles to scan a code on your desktop. This feature is only available in the LinkedIn smartphone apps. You cannot view your QR code or scan one from the Web interface. The scanning part makes sense. But users should be able to save a QR code on their LinkedIn profile from the Web. Imagine you work on your CV on your desk and having to import the QR code from your phone. Copying a camera reel image is not a big problem, but it is annoying to have to connect a device just to do it.

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