Get Prime this week and take advantage of the Prime Day of July 15 and 16

We are probably at the best time of the year to become members of Amazon Prime. In just a few days the Prime Day is celebrated, one of the most important days of the year in the best online store in the world. The Prime Day is a day that Amazon dedicates to its partners and in which we see incredible offers that will only be available for a few hours.

This year the Prime Day is celebrated on July 15 and 16 and, if Amazon Prime already includes numerous advantages for which you should become a member, now with this special day it makes even more sense. These offers and discounts on all types of accessories and devices will only be available to Amazon Prime members.

Prime Day 2019

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What does Amazon Prime include and why should you sign up as soon as possible?

Amazon Prime has been one of the best ideas that the online store has had in its history, it was born as a way to save the cost of shipping thousands of products and has evolved into something much bigger. Paying a small monthly or annual fee you can enjoy free shipping and much more:

  • Amazon Prime Video, hundreds of series and movies at your disposal.
  • Amazon Music, two million songs in your pocket and 50 million with Music Unlimited.
  • Free deliveries in one day millions of products.
  • Twitch Prime, the best video game streaming service.
  • Amazon Prime Reading, hundreds of books that you can read just for being a member, and many more with Kindle Unlimited.
  • Amazon Family, 15% discount on items for the little ones in the house.
  • Free and unlimited photo storage in Amazon Photos.
  • Amazing offers for the Prime Day and the Spring Offers.

As you see now being a member of Amazon Prime is much more than free shipping, you can enjoy music, series, movies and much more on all your devices. And the most important of all is that you can access all the offers and discounts that will arrive in just a few days.

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Registering right now on Amazon Prime is definitely a great idea, even if you do not buy much in the future you will be able to access the Prime Day offers completely free of charge since the first 30 days are completely free.

You can try the service without any commitment, enjoy those first 30 days and then cancel your subscription and it will not cost you anything. As Prime Day is celebrated on July 15 and 16 you can access all those discounts without costing you anything and have free shipping in one day in all of them.

Amazong Primeday

Amazon Prime has two types of subscriptions available, one monthly and one annual that will start from the 30 days of the free trial, these are the prices:

  • Amazon Prime Monthly: 3.99 euros per month.
  • Amazon Prime Annual: 36 euros per year.

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We are at the best time of the year to become a member of Amazon Prime, every year the Prime Day includes more and better offers and we will bring you the best for your Apple devices.

There are many reasons to be a permanent member of Amazon Prime, but Prime Day is probably one of the best. In addition, with 30 free trial days, you can access the Prime Day that is celebrated on July 15 and 16 without costing you anything if you register today.

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