Google Makes Its New UI For Play Store Official

In May, and a few days ago, news circulated that Google was launching a new user interface for the Google Play Store. And today it has made official changes. In fact, now we see the new user interface in our Pixel 2 XL with Android Q beta 6. The updated Google Play Store user interface uses Material Design which includes the Google Sans font. But there are other important changes in the app.

On mobile devices, Google has moved the navigation bar to the bottom of the screen. This simplifies user access to phones with large screens. On tablets and devices running Chrome OS, the navigation bar is located on the left of the screen. Games and apps now have their separate tabs which should facilitate the search for a specific Play Store list. Each list now presents additional information at the top of the screen, including the number of reviews and average stars. The number of times the app/game has been installed and the ESRB rating.

“The Google Play Store has over two billion monthly active users coming to find the right app, game, and other digital content. To improve the overall store experience, we’re excited to roll out a complete visual redesign. Aligning with Material design language, we’re introducing several user-facing updates to deliver a cleaner, more premium store that improves app discovery and accessibility for our diverse set of users.”-Google

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Although the Google Play Store now uses Material Design. There is no Dark mode and even with the Dark theme available on the whole system with Android Q enabled. Play Store continues to appear in Light mode. Since this is a server-side update, all you have to do is sit back. And wait for the new user interface to reach your Android device.

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