Google Stadia will bring the best games to your Mac, iPad and iPhone

This week, as part of the Game Developers Conference 2019, the largest videogame development conference in the world, Google has made its particular commitment to streaming gaming. In the past we told you how some of the big technology companies were preparing to launch their bets in this market, using Microsoft as an example, which could be combined with its Game Pass. There have also been some rumors that talk about the possibility of Apple taking sides in this market.

In any case, the streaming game is nothing new, what happens is that its great moment has not finished arriving. Something that seems that it would be about to change with Stadia, the platform of games in the cloud of Google, that offers a series of characteristics never seen until now, and that could turn it into the first platform that marks the difference of truth. And it all starts with the giant network of Google servers.

Google Stadia

Thanks to the network of the company, distributed all over the world, with Stadia they will be able to offer access to games in the cloud with resolutions of up to 4K and 60FPS in any compatible screen. This includes, from the television with Chromecast, to the mobile, with iOS or Android, going through tablets, PCs, Mac, and even Chromebooks. All of them can connect to the game with the help of a simple link, or even from a button embedded in a YouTube video.

And start playing from there is as simple as taking a command, or the keyboard and mouse if you’re on Mac or PC. Even to improve the experience, Google has designed an own command, the Stadia Controller, which will connect via Wi-Fi directly to the instance in which we are playing the game, without adding the latency of the connection with the device. And all this while offering the possibility of using the Google Assistant, and with the ability to share our best moves.

Precisely on sharing, Stadia will allow streaming directly to YouTube from the servers themselves, without the need to impair the performance of the device. In addition, you can share with your viewers your own game, literally, thanks to State Share, which will allow them to access the same moment you left the game. And for those who want to play cooperatively, Stadia also has something for you, the ability to see the views of your teammates from your game.

All this, without forgetting that the developers have also monopolized an important part of the attention of the creators of this service. First of all, Stadia will be an innovative development environment that will allow each game to be created with the possibility of reaching millions of people quickly. On the other hand, taking advantage of Google’s knowledge in machine learning, they will also enjoy unique tools that will allow them to do things like taking an art style to a scenario with only one image.

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And if we talk about the games that will come to Stadia, at the moment we know that we will have titles such as Ubisoft or id Software, even Google has also taken the trouble to create its own studio, Stadia Games & Experiences, which will create exclusive experiences for the platform. All this, to make the game in the cloud stop being an experiment and become something that everyone can and wants to enter.

In fact, in this same sense, Stadia will probably be the platform of the game in the cloud with a higher availability in its launching. This year, Stadia will be available in the US, Canada, the United Kingdom, and much of Europe, all thanks to the extensive network of Google servers. Even judging by the location of the official website, I would say that Spain could be among the first countries where it will be available.

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Of course, this is a very risky bet on the part of a company that does not have a history within the video game industry. However, it could become a great option for the future, especially with the 5G, focused on those who want to enjoy the best video games on the screen of your mobile or tablet. For now, we will have to wait to receive more information about the service in the coming months, which we hope will not be too long.

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