Change your Facebook and Instagram passwords as soon as possible, employees could see them!

Another security breach of Facebook, we no longer know how many are going and the loss of users is alarming. The company just made public that the passwords of millions of users have been visible to Facebook staff on their servers. The error was located in January and it seems already solved, but we do not know for how long it has existed.

Facebook is not going through its best moment and the errors that expose data of its users are already too many. In this case, the company has reported that there are hundreds of millions of users of Facebook Lite, tens of millions of other Facebook users and tens of thousands of Instagram users who have been affected.

Change your Facebook and Instagram passwords

The best advice: change your password

Facebook admits the error but ensures that the passwords of these millions of users were only visible to the Facebook staff and that that information never came out of there.

“As part of a routine security review in January, we found that some user passwords were stored in a readable format within our internal data storage systems. […] To be clear, these passwords were never accessible to people outside of Facebook”

Although they say that your passwords were not in danger, Facebook has recommended following some guidelines:

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  • You can change your password in the Facebook and Instagram settings. Avoid reusing passwords of different services.
  • Choose strong and complex passwords for all your accounts. A password manager app can help.
  • Consider using security or two-factor authentication key to protect your Facebook account using codes from a third-party authentication application. When you log in with your password, you will be asked for a security code to verify that it is you.

A new scandal that shakes Facebook and our recommendation are that you immediately change your passwords, both Facebook and Instagram. Although the company says that nobody from outside saw them, you never know.

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