How big is Apple? A picture is worth more than 1,000 words

Apple has become the largest technology company in the world after almost disappearing in the decade of the 90s. The return of Steve Jobs turned out to be key for a company destined to the most complete failure to be reborn from its ashes thanks to the vision of genius for creating unique devices such as iPod or iPhone.

However, it is often difficult to get an idea of ​​how tremendous Apple is, both in terms of income and its value as a company. Apple was the first company in the world to reach a capitalization value of one trillion dollars, however after each presentation, there are voices that predict its imminent fall, that will not happen, at least in the short term. And this image reflects it visually so we can really understand how big Apple is.

Apple logo

Apple is This big

Our colleagues of how much have proposed to compare the value of Apple as a company with other companies, estates, and even countries and the result is what you have under these lines.

Apple Worth

As we can see, you can see the greatness of Apple, which we can also summarize in some very curious points that will help us to understand how big the company of the bitten apple has become:

  • Apple is 17.3 times larger than the market capitalization of General Motors, one of the largest in the automotive industry.
  • The company is 4.9 times larger than the market capitalization of Nike and Adidas together.
  • Apple is 3.8 times larger than the entire cryptocurrency market, including Bitcoin.
  • 2.1 times larger than the market capitalization of Alibaba, probably the largest online store in the world.
  • Apple is worth twice what the five richest people in the world have together.
  • Apple is twice the size of NASA’s budget since 1998, adjusting for inflation.
  • Tim Cook’s company is 1.3 times larger than the value of McDonald’s, Dunkin, Coca-Cola, Starbucks, Domino’s and Pepsi combined.
  • Apple is 1.2 times larger than the market capitalization of Alphabet, Google’s parent company.
  • The iPhone manufacturer is even more valuable than all the major telephone companies in the United States together.

What is the limit of Apple? We really do not know, it is true that its current value is slightly lower than it was a year ago, but nobody knows what the future will bring. However, what is clear is that Apple is so big that it can not fall from one day to the next.

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The company founded by Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak has gone through many ups and downs throughout its long history, however, in recent years, its growth has been such that even lowers will remain a company with almost unimaginable market value, although this image and these data help us to position ourselves a little better.

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