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How can you maximize the life of your iPad?

We live in a consumer society by nature and every year new devices arrive on the market that improves the capabilities of the previous ones. However devices like the iPad are designed to be durable, my own iPad will be 3 years old and I have no plans to change it. Today we are going to share some useful tips to extend the life of our iPad.

Keeping our iPad for the maximum time not only our pocket will benefit, but the planet will also thank you. We already know the importance that Apple gives to recycling and the company has several programs, such as Trade In, to reuse their devices if you are not going to use them again.

maximize the life of your iPad

Tips to extend the life of your iPad

The iPad has become a substitute for the traditional computer in the houses. It is true that for certain tasks it may still not be the most suitable device, but for more basic aspects the iPad is ideal. In addition, Apple has a variety of models never seen and there is an iPad for each type of user.

A good cover

It may be one of the basic tips for any current device, a good case can prevent serious or irreversible damage to your iPad. For Apple iPad, there are a variety of cases, which protect more and protect less, so if you want your iPad to last it is highly recommended to buy a good case.

Apple has several cases in the market, but some of them only protect the front of the iPad, i.e the screen. Fortunately, we have other options that will also protect our iPad against impacts.

A screen protector

Screen protectors have become very popular, especially on smartphones like the iPhone. But what some are unaware of is that they are also available for Apple’s iPad. If your case does not cover the screen, probably the most delicate area of ​​the iPad, buying a screen protector will certainly increase the durability of your device.

Also with a protector not only avoid a possible break of the touch panel or iPad screen, but you will also avoid scratches on the screen that can significantly affect its useful life. A visible line on the screen ruins the user experience.

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Beware of loading

The charging process is fundamental in our devices and the iPad can affect two key aspects: the charging connector and the battery. Starting with the latter, as with all devices, it is not recommended that our iPad runs out of battery. If this happens to us frequently, the useful life of the battery will drop significantly.

As for the connector, the statistics say that it is one of the most broken parts of current electronic devices. The Lightning or USB-C connection of the new iPad Pro is one of the weakest points, so be careful when connecting and disconnecting the cable.

Repair it before buying

If by some chance you have suffered some damage on your iPad, do not ever buy another one, the repair is a very sensible option. As Fernando says the owner of the company? iRepairs: “With good care and a change of battery iPad users can extend the life of this up to 80% on average.”

If the screen of your iPad has broken or does not respond or if the device does not charge properly it will surely be possible to repair it for much less money than a new iPad costs. You will also contribute to reducing the generation of waste by minimizing waste emitted. Undoubtedly it is an option that must be taken into account, although it always relies on official technical services from Apple.

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