How to Add a New Album in Photos App in Windows 10


The Photos app in Windows 10 automatically includes the default Windows picture folders. Including these folders import their contents into the Photos app. Once imported, Photos can automatically analyze the photos in your album and attempt to order them into albums based on content. If you have enabled the setting, Photos can also perform facial recognition on the photos in your included albums. This guide will walk you through the process of importing an album into Photos. In this article, we are going to talk about How to Add a New Album in Photos App in Windows 10. Let’s begin!

Importing a new album | Photos App in Windows 10

Tip: Any imported folder also includes all subfolders. This means you only need to include the topmost folder that includes all the photos you want to be imported. You do not need to import each individual folder.

The first step is to open the Photos app. To do so, press the Windows key, type “Photos” and hit enter. Next, you want to open the settings by clicking the ellipsis icon in the top-right corner and selecting “Settings” from the drop-down menu.

Click the “Add a folder” button, it’s the topmost option in the settings. This may open a window that will suggest a few folders as potential albums you might want to import. These suggestions will also include a small sample of thumbnail images from the folder. If you want to import any of those folders, just tick the relevant checkbox.

If you want to import a folder that is not in the suggested list, you can click “Add another folder” at the bottom of the folder suggestions window. This will open a new window, in which you need to browse to the folder you want to import. Then click “Select folder”. This will add it to the list of suggested folders and automatically select it.

Once you have added any folders you want to the suggested folders and selected any of the automatic suggestions you want to import, click “Add folders”.

If the suggested folder window does not open for you. You will instead have to browse for any folders you want to import manually.

Tip: | Photos App in Windows 10

If you are manually browsing for folders you can only import one folder at a time.

Once you have imported all the folders you want, back out of the settings by clicking the arrow in the top-left corner. Your photos will now appear in the “Collection” and other tabs.

Tip: If you have a large number of photos to import, it may take some time for them to all appear and generate thumbnails.

Creating an album with existing photos | Photos App in Windows 10

Alternatively, if you have already imported all the photos you want and you just want to sort them into a new album, you can do so from the Albums tab. Click on the Albums tab in the top bar, then click “New album”. In the Create new album screen, you can select which photos you want to be included in the new album. Then click “Create” in the top-right corner.

On the next screen, you can name your new album by clicking the pencil icon next to the default name of “Album”. Just type your new album name then hit enter. To exit this view and return to the main albums list, click the arrow in the top-left corner. Your new album will now appear in the album list.


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