How to automatically change the wallpaper of your iPhone every day thanks to iOS 13

With iOS 13 come a large number of new features and among them, we have a new application much more powerful shortcuts that will allow us to automate a large number of tasks. Among them, we can automate the change of the wallpaper on our iPhone or iPad.

This is a function that may have to wait for in iOS but that Apple has not yet included, despite being an option that takes years in macOS. That the wallpaper is changed automatically on our iPhone or iPad was not possible until now, and all thanks to the application of the new shortcut that will come pre-installed on all devices with iOS 13 and iPadOS.

automatically change the wallpaper of your iPhone

Change the background of your iPhone automatically

Of course, this option is only available if you have installed iOS 13 or iPadOS on your iPhone or iPad, it is a fairly simple process so we advise you to install the beta following this tutorial. Once you have the beta of iOS 13 or iPadOS installed you can automatically change the background of your iPhone or iPad.

There is only one drawback, at the moment Apple does not let you use your photos in this setting, at least we have not found how to do it. However we have created the shortcut so that you can configure it to your liking, we have chosen images from a well-known web of wallpapers that you surely like, although you can choose the web you prefer. By default, it will change the background of the lock and start screen if you want to change this setting you can edit it in the own shortcut. By clicking on the 3 points you can edit these parameters.

The first thing you should do is allow the download of shortcuts, it is a function that Apple has implemented for privacy. For this, we go to Settings> Shortcuts and activate Allow unreliable shortcuts. Now you can download this shortcut on your iPhone or iPad that will put a random wallpaper on your device.

Download shortcut random screen backgrounds

Once downloaded and installed go to the Automation section of the app Shortcuts and click on Create personal automation. If you want the background to be changed at a specific time, select Moment of the day and choose the time at which you want the background to change and the days of the week and click Next.

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Now you must add the downloaded shortcut, so follow these steps:

  • Press the Add action button.
  • Click on Apps and then Shortcuts.
  • Now you must click on the Run shortcut.
  • In the box that has appeared click on the word Shortcut.
  • Select the shortcut previously downloaded: Random Funds.
  • Click Next and then Ok.

Now at the time and days that you have chosen this shortcut will be executed that will change your wallpaper randomly. If you do not like the background that has appeared you can always click again on the shortcut and it will change instantly and if you want to change it more times a day, you just have to create another automation to others now different.

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