How to block Any website on Android 10 by using Digital Wellbeing and Chrome

A year ago, with the revealing of Android Pie, Google presented another efficiency highlight called the Digital Wellbeing. In Android 10 , The administration monitors the measure of time you spend gazing at your telephone’s screen, which applications you use, and which sites/applications hose your profitability the most.

This year, with Android 10, Google enhanced their last year’s endeavors by including a few additional individuals to the wellbeing family

  • Focus Mode
  • site clock

While the previous causes you be progressively profitable by quieting the most diverting applications on your cell phone, the last enables you to monitor the measure of time you’re spending on specific sites.

Here is how to set up site blocker clock on your Android utilizing  Wellbeing and the Chrome program with the goal that you can hold your propensities in line.


In the first place, download/update the Digital Wellbeing application from the Play Store on your Android 10 gadget.

Google is yet to work through the better subtleties of the element; in this way, you’ll be a  Wellbeing beta analyzer to open it. When you open the posting on the Play Store, you will get a choice to turn into a beta analyzer. Tap on it and become a beta analyzer. Presently, download the application, so you have the most recent beta variant.

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Second, you’ll additionally need to download the Chrome Dev application (v78 or more) from the store. If and when form 78 is accessible for the steady Chrome or Chrome beta, you can utilize these applications as well.

Step by step instructions to set a site clock

After downloading and introducing the Chrome Dev application and the most recent beta variant of the Digital Wellbeing application, play out the means beneath to set site clocks on your Android gadget.

Section 1: Enable use details for Digital Wellbeing in Chrome Flags

Stage 1:

Type and search for chrome://hails in your location bar.

Stage 2:

On this page, scan for Digital Wellbeing.

Stage 3:

Enable it.

Stage 4:

When incited, restart Google Chrome Dev.

Section 2: Set the site clocks in Digital Wellbeing application

After you’re finished with that, arrival to Digital Wellbeing and complete the procedure.

Stage 1:

Go to Settings.

Stage 2:

Scroll down and click on Digital Wellbeing and parental controls.

Stage 3:

Go to Dashboard.

Stage 4:

Under Chrome Dev, tap on the tab saying Show destinations that you visit.

Stage 5:

Allow Digital Wellbeing to peruse your perusing data

block Any website on Android 10

Stage 6:

After the destinations are uncovered, tap on the hourglass symbol on the right.

block Any website on Android 10

Stage 7:

Set clock.

Stage 8:

The application will demonstrate the rest of the ideal opportunity for the site directly beside the site’s name. After the clock runs out, you’ll be tossed out of the site, therefore shielding you from abusing addictive locales.

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