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How To Check iPhone Battery Charge Cycle Count No Jailbreak Required

Apple works on may update for its users. In addition to adding new features through software updates. The company, like many other manufacturers for that matter, made an application. This application help user check battery charge cycle.

Users undeniably like this type of useful change. But even though upgraded device landing on the shelves. With each generational statement, there’s always one thing that is consistently on their purpose. Battery Percentage is a free-of-charge app on the App Store that gives you new insight into exactly that.

iPhone Battery

Battery Percentage Software for iPhone Battery

It’s particularly essential for checking the battery charge cycle score of your iOS gadget. While there have been various release changes in the past that have given such low-level equipment information. However, the best thing about this is currently, it’s everything bundled. Which made available in an application structure on the App Store. It implies there’s presently no escape required to get this sort of subtleties on iOS.

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One thing that quickly jumps out with this application. However, is that not a lot of time. Furthermore, clients, experience, or UI energy is applied.

The app shouldn’t mean that it’s especially terrible. However, it hasn’t generally been planned well either. Some will enjoy the effortlessness. Others will hate the app. The individuals who hate it might be influenced by the way that they can in a split second. Note the present limit of the inside battery. Quickly teaches the client on whether the battery is fit for holding a 100% charge. Or if it has lost limit after some time. To read more about this go to 


Software Use

Extra data includes

  • what number of charge cycles the battery has undergone
  • The current working temperature of the cell. And
  • the release current, if that kind of thing is speaking to you

The artist has additionally added a lot of stuff checking highlights. Which include checking the well being of the GPU

  • CPU
  • Storage
  • system parts

One thing that is quickly visible on most cell phones is that the maker. Despite whether it be Apple, Samsung, or similar gives almost no data into what is going on with the battery. In gadget, indeed, we get an honest graphical aspect of how much battery is left. Or when it’s feeling a charge cycle. However, other than that the data is to a high degree cut away from the end-client. Tran Manh Quan’s Battery Percentage application hopes to improve that by giving extra insight into battery well being. Gadget status, and even the telephone’s charger, just for nothing.


So by this, we can conclude that we do not need jailbreak for battery cycle count. Moreover, by installing some software from Apple or a third party. We can look at our battery charge cycle count. This provides useful information on our battery is performing throughout its use. The battery is the main component of any smartphone, so its performance matters a lot. So for users to have a good battery is essential. This way, the user has monitor his battery use and battery charge cycle. That will increase battery life.

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