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How to Know More About Graphics Card in your PC

A Graphic card, also known as a video card or graphic adapter is a piece of hardware that is installed on a computer. It is also responsible for all the texts and pictures that are displaying on our screens. Every processor has a built-in onboard graphic card now. Come on let’s talk about how to know about Graphics Card in your PC. Let’s begin!

On our Computer Graphics card is the most important part. That makes it possible to render each and every pixel that you see on the screen. When you are navigating the Windows 10 desktop. That is running in an application or playing a game, etc. Most of the time a graphics card from one of the three leading manufacturers. That includes NVIDIA, AMD or Intel.

All the computers have graphic cards that handle each and everything. The GPU is basically the most critical component whenever it comes to playing PC games. If you don’t have a powerful GPU, you cannot play new PC games. Some of the computers have low-power “onboard” or “integrated” graphics. However, others have powerful “dedicated” or “discrete” graphics cards.

Whatever the reason is, Windows 10 includes multiple ways to instantly find the graphics card specs.

Difference B/w GPU and Graphics card

The main difference between GPU and Graphic card is that the GPU is the unit in the graphics card. That performs the processing of the images and also graphics. However, the graphics card is a card within the device. That generates images to display them on screen as an output.

These two terms are often used interchangeably. The main task of the graphics card is to present images on the display unit.GPU is a unit that is located on the graphics card on your PC.

 Using setting to find a Graphics card in your PC

If you want to find out the graphics card. Use the setting app and follow these simple steps:

  • Open the setting app.
  • Click on the system.
  • Then click on Display
  • Now under the “Multiple display” section. Tap on the Advanced display settings option.
  • Then under the “Display Information” section. Confirm the graphics card and also the model.

When you complete these steps then you will have an understanding of a video card. That is installed on your device.

Using the DirectX Diagnostic Tool

  • From the start menu, you have to open the Run Dialog box. Or you can also press the ” Windows +R” key direct from the keyboard to open the RUN window.
  •  Now type dsdiag and then press ENTER to open the DirectX Diagnostic Tool.
  • Now click on the Display tab. Then you can check the detailed info on your windows 10. That includes graphics card name, manufacturer, its driver model or version and much more.

Using Device Manager

Now you can easily check the graphics card in your PC an all the info via Device Manager. Just follow these simpkle steps:

  • you have to click start and type device manager. Then click on it to open windows device manager or press the “Windows+X” key. Then click on it to open.
  • Now click on display adapters, Then you will see here the installed graphics card in your Windows 10 PC.
  • Now right-click on your graphic card select the properties. It will pop-up a window,  that includes all the details computer graphics card info.

Using System Information

  • From the start menu, you have to open the Run box or just press the “Windows+R” key to open the RUN window.
  • Now type msinfo32n and then press ENTER to open system information.
  • Click on system Summary ->Components->Display. Then you will see the installed graphics card and its information in your PC.

Now from these steps, you can check and know more about Graphics Card in your PC. On the right side, you will also find many other details. Such as the number of CUDA cores, clock speed of the processor, memory data rate, bandwidth type, amount, and the video BIOS version.


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