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How to convert Numbers files to Excel on Mac

Do you need to convert a Numbers file to Excel? Apple’s spreadsheet software allows you to easily convert created documents to the .xls or .xlsx format, the native Excel formats, the Microsoft suite’s spreadsheet tool.

Throughout this tutorial will show you the steps that you must follow to convert any document from Numbers to Excel in a fast way, using only software that Apple offers free of charge to all Mac owners.

How to convert Numbers files to Excel on Mac

How to pass a Numbers document to Excel in macOS

In order to make the format change, the first thing you need is to have the Numbers app installed on the Mac. If you do not have access to the Mac App Store, look for Numbers and click on the Get button to download and install it on the team.

Once installed the steps that you must give are the following:

  1. Open the Numbers file that you want to transform into an Excel compatible format.
  2. Click on File – Export to – Excel.
  3. Configure the export options and click on Next … (display the advanced options and choose .xls if you need to open the file on a computer with an old version of Excel, otherwise, you can choose .xlsx without problem).
  4. Select the location where you want to save the Excel file and click on Export.

Once given these steps you can access the selected route in point 4 and there you will find the Excel file. Now you can open it without problem on any computer (Windows or Mac) with Excel installed.

It is important to remember that Numbers is able to open and edit Excel files. So if you need to work with a spreadsheet that was created by another person in Office, you should not convert it to any format, but edit it directly and then you will have no problem to reopen it in Excel.

How to convert Numbers files to Excel on Mac

Nor can you ignore that Numbers does not have as many options as Excel, as we discussed in our compilation of best applications for Mac, so if you work with very advanced documents you may find problems to edit them directly.

This is the fastest and easiest way to convert documents from Numbers to Excel on Mac and also completely free of charge.

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