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How To Create a keyboard Shortcut on Mac For Do Not Disturb Mode

One of the things that I do when I buy a new product from Apple, is to configure the way in which notifications are shown to me. I do not get along very well concentrating on something and suddenly see how a notification invades part of the screen. Therefore, being able to create a keyboard shortcut on Mac to enable/disable the do not disturb mode is essential.

How To Create a keyboard Shortcut on Mac For Do Not Disturb Mode

Create the keyboard shortcut and you will be more productive

If I am writing an article like this and I need concentration, what I need the least is that the notifications bombard me and make me lose track of what I am writing. Therefore the following tutorial of creating a keyboard shortcut to activate the do not disturb mode, temporarily, is a blessing.

The way to create it is quite simple and it will only take you a few minutes. Be aware of the steps that must be followed, because you will not waste time doing it, I assure you, it is more, in the future you will be more productive.

Steps to follow to Create the Keyboard Shortcut:

  1. Click on the  icon of your Mac and choose “system preferences”
  2. Choose the option “keyboard” and within it “Quick functions”
  3. Scroll to ” mission control ” and locate the enable/disable “do not disturb” function
  4. Make sure your checkbox is set, activated
  5. Click on the option with the secondary button of your mouse and choose the combination of keys that best suits you. Especially that it is easy to execute and remember.

What you must keep in mind is to choose a combination that does not exist, because in this way we make sure that we do not overwrite any of those that already work. Now, if it is a sequence that we will never use, it does not give a bit the same, the truth.

Remember that if you do not convince too much the one you have chosen, you can always edit it until you find the keyboard shortcut that you like the most.

Once activated, you only have to execute the key combination to activate or deactivate the do not disturb mode. Very useful when you need maximum concentration or when you are watching your favorite series or movie.

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