How To Disable Windows 10 Tips Notifications


Disable Windows 10 Tips Notifications

Do you want to disable Windows 10 tips notifications? If you want to introduce a tips app as part of OS, you might want to move back and look at what you’ve done. Things are either poorly designed, too complicated, or extremely unlikely to be found by the average user. So, Apple launched a Tips app in iOS and now MS also introduces one in Windows 10. It is not only a Tips app that helps you to get to know the latest features in Windows 10 but also you’ll get regular tip notifications that try and point out alternative methods of getting things done. Whenever the tips annoy you, you can then disable them from the Settings app.

Disable Windows 10 Tips Notifications

Head over to the Settings app. Then move to the System group of settings. From the Notifications & actions tab, move down to the Notifications section where the first option allows you to disable tips about Windows.

Before you disable them though, you might want to stop and then ask yourself how essential these tips are and if you really want them to pop up or appear on their own. Then enable them is as easy as disable them. Also, if you face any issue while searching for a particular setting, the search in both the Settings app or Control Panel is more than helpful. Another thing you should consider is that these tips accumulate in the Notification center. So, you can then review them later when you stop working and you want to explore the new (OS) operating system.


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