How to Do Social Media Marketing to Outperform Your Competitors?

The obvious answer is that you copy your competitors and then do 10% extra. The problem is you have no idea what their overall strategy is, and you cannot be sure where they are investing most of their mean. Here are a few ways to outperform your competitors without copying them.

Pump Money Into The Marketing System

There are plenty of good ways to put yourself ahead by paying for it. You probably don’t want to try a marketing company unless you can be sure they are not buying likes or using some sort of manipulative system.

The TikTok promotional system is a pay-in-advance system and is brilliant if you alternate between paying for likes and paying for followers. The Facebook boost option is great if you have posts that are performing well and/or converting. YouTube’s promotional features are not bad so long as you set a long campaign (at least three weeks) with a low daily budget. The lower daily budget stops you from getting scammed by click harvesters.

Avoid paying anything into Twitter because you are just paying for bots, and the Rumble system isn’t really set up in place to perform on a high level. GETTR’s promotional tools are still maturing. Snapchat’s promotional services are pretty good if you have a lower budget, and you should probably avoid paying for Instagram promotion unless you have a provable formula for getting sustained attention on the platform. Usually, it is best to go the organic route with Instagram rather than the paid route.

Use Other People’s  Marketing Influence

There are two ways you can do this. You can pay influencers, or you can buy other people’s social media accounts. If you wish to buy other people’s accounts, then you go here and pick the accounts you think will best suit your brand. Buy them and then exploit them. You can keep adding to them like you would with your own account, or you can post promotional messages, or you can shout out your primary social media accounts and keep exploiting the paid accounts until they dry up.

You can also pay influencers to shout out your company and your social media accounts. There are various ways they can do this, from a simple written post on their Facebook to a full review video on their Rumble or YouTube. If they do a good enough job, then they will send some of their followers over to you and some may stick around.

Promote Your Key Selling Points

Just like with your marketing campaign, you need to promote the things that you do the best. Social media is a little different from most advertising platforms. On social media, you can outright attack your competitors if you wish.

You probably shouldn’t attack your competitors, but you can easily say outright what is wrong with their products and services, and then show how your products and services are better. Promote the parts of your brand that are stronger than your competitors.

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Do Not Hop on Trends

Companies that hop on trends are so lame. The top producers on social media are able to catch a trend just before it peaks. Most other social media influencers catch trends as they are winding down. Companies catch trends right about the time people are tired of them, and Hollywood is where trends go to die. When you jump on the most recent trend, people are smart enough to see right through your facade. They know you do not really care about the cause or the trend (be it funny or serious). Let your competitors humiliate themselves. You stick to your content and your style and you will be better off in the long run.

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