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How to download and use iCloud on Windows

If you like the Apple ecosystem in the cloud, either for your security or for your privacy, but you don’t have an Apple computer, don’t worry because with these simple steps you can enjoy it on your Windows. Let’s start

Installing iCloud on Windows is very simple

From Windows 10, Apple’s cloud service is available in the official Windows store. You just have to access it and look for it. 
However, if your operating system is earlier than this version you must directly access Apple to get the service, which also does not require more difficulty.

How to download and use iCloud on Windows

In addition to bringing photos, videos, folders, and files with photos from iCloud and iCloud Drive from your Apple devices to your Windows machine, you can also synchronize Safari bookmarks with Internet Explorer, Firefox or Chrome.

Steps to follow to install iCloud

  1. Download iCloud for Windows. If it does not install automatically, go to File Explorer and open the iCloud configuration.
  2. Restart the computer.
  3. Make sure that iCloud for Windows is open. If it does not open automatically, go to Start, open Apps or Programs, and then open iCloud.
  4. Enter the Apple ID to sign in to iCloud.
  5. Select the features and content you want to keep updated on all your devices.

Remember that with iCloud for Windows enabled, you can synchronize the photos, email, and files you have on your Apple devices.

When you activate Photos, iCloud creates a Photos folder in the File Explorer called Photos. Of course, you should remember that streaming photos are not available in Windows 10 and later versions.

When you activate iCloud Drive, a folder is created in File Explorer. All documents that you have stored in iCloud will be automatically downloaded to the iCloud Drive folder of File Explorer. Files that you create on the PC and save in this folder appear automatically on the other devices.

What you should keep in mind is always keep the version of iCloud updated in Windows so that everything goes smoothly, and the devices are synchronized correctly.

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