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How to download Final Cut Pro: Final Cut Pro X, Final Cut Pro free

download Final Cut Pro Final Cut Pro X Final Cut Pro freeNext to Adobe Premiere, Final Cut Pro is one of the most used options by professional video editors. We help you download Final Cut Pro X on your Mac or MacBook and we offer you free alternatives.

Final Cut Pro X is one of the best programs to edit video on the market. Not in vain is it also one of the most used by professional editors, who are practically divided between those who use Apple software and those who use Adobe Premiere.

If you’ve gotten here, it’s probably because you’re more interested in the editor developed by Cupertino than in any other. We explain how to download Final Cut Pro X on your Mac or MacBook. You will see that it is not complicated at all.

Of course, the official way to do it is paying a fee that you may not be able to afford. If this is your case, you have nothing to worry about either, as we also explain how to use Final Cut Pro for free and we offer you other free video editors.

Requirements to download Final Cut Pro X

The first thing you should know before trying to download the Final Cut Pro is that this editing program is only available for Apple computers and laptops -not compatible with Windows- that meet the following requirements.

  • Having installed macOS 10.13.6 or later
  • Have 4 GB of RAM (or 8 GB for 4K edition, 3D titles and 360 videos)
  • Mac with graphics card compatible with OpenCL or Intel HD Graphics 3000 or later
  • Have 256 MB of VRAM (or 1 GB for 4K edition, 3D titles and 360º videos)
  • Have 3.8 GB of free space
  • For compatibility with RV glasses, have an independent graphics card (Apple recommends the AMD Radeon RX 580), macOS High Sierra or later and SteamVR

How to get Apple’s Final Cut, Pro X

To download the official program of Final Cut Pro X from Apple, the easiest thing is to go to the Mac Apple Store that you will have installed on your Mac or MacBook and there to search and download the application. You can also download it directly from this link.

When you install Final Cut Pro, you must pay $299.99. We are not going to cheat, Final Cut Pro is not one of the cheapest publishers on the market, but it is certainly one of the most complete.

How to download Final Cut Pro X free

If for now, you do not want to pay the high amount that Apple asks for the Final Cut Pro, you can take advantage of the 30-day free trial period offered by the company. Then you can decide whether or not it is worth buying the full license.

Another option is to download the program through software pages such as Softonic. On this website, you can find the latest version of Final Cut Pro X free, although it is only a trial license. You will also find the full license of other previous versions.

In case you use one of these pages, it is advisable to have installed on your computer or laptop an antivirus that can protect your device against possible malicious files that you can download.

Alternatives to Final Cut Pro X

Adobe Premiere Pro

The Adobe Premiere Pro is certainly the best video editor for Windows users, but those who have a Mac also benefit from this wonder. You can try the free 7-day version or pay the € 24.19 monthly minimum.

Blackmagic DaVinci Resolve

The free version of DaVinci Resolve is a very popular application also among professional video editors, especially when it comes to correcting colour. It is a high-quality program that includes practically the same features as the paid version.


Blender is a good free alternative to Final Cut Pro and in fact, it surprises that you do not have to pay for it. It is especially recommended for those who want to create animation videos and models in three dimensions.

HitFilm 4 Express

The excellent editor HitFilm Pro has a free version called HitFilm 4 Express that is no less excellent. It includes many of the functions of the premium version, such as the creation of special effects or the elimination of chromas.

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