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How to Enable Split Screen Multitasking

Do you want to enable Split Screen Multitasking? When you work from home, there’s the best chance that you use another screen to get things done. You just want to have many sources open that you can’t work perfectly without a second display. Also, the same thing can happen when while using a Smartphone device.

By enabling Split Screen Multitasking, you can do such things as comparing the features and specs of two phones. That way, you can plan which of the Samsung smartphone will finally be yours without switching between tabs.

How To Turn On Split-Screen Multitasking On Android 10

While using the feature, remember all apps are closed, that way, the apps you like to use in split-screen mode are quite simpler and easy to find.

After all the apps are closed, initially open the first app you like to include and then close it. Repeat the same process what you just did with the second app. Move on and open recent apps then long-press on the app’s icon.

After hitting for a few seconds, it should display you the split-screen choices. Choose the option, and the app will automatically be placed to the side. Just click on the icon of the other app you like to include. Also, the two apps will each take-up half of the display.

If you want to view more of one app. Click and head up or down the center divider. After letting go, the divider will move back to the middle, it can’t stay put where you just let go.

If you want o close split-screen multitasking, simply touch the center divider and then swipe all the way. Up or down to make one app take up the complete screen.

Depending on your device compatibility, you can view many apps without having to keep hitting the center divider. The difficult thing that can happen is that the center divider will move back to the center.


Here’s all about enable Split Screen Multitasking. If you want to view two apps at the same time is a time-saver. The amazing feature work whether you’re using it in portrait mode.

Do you find the split-screen multitasking feature essential? Don’t forget to share your thoughts and suggestions in the comments below.

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