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How to Find Passwords on Mac – Tutorial

Have you guys ever forgotten your WiFi password and could not find it? Does your computer automatically fill in your passwords, but you do not know what they are? There are many ways to find passwords on a Mac computer. That includes your passwords for websites and emails as well. In this article, we’re gonna talk about How to Find Passwords on Mac – Tutorial, including your WiFi password.

You can find your passwords and all other information (like credit card numbers) stored in the Keychain Access application. That comes pre-installed on all the Macs. Here are the steps to know your saved passwords using Keychain Access:

how to find passwords on mac

  • First, open your Applications folder. You can also find this folder just open a Finder window and click Applications in the left sidebar.
  • Next, open the Utility folder. This is a folder inside the Applications folder.
  • Then, you have to open Keychain Access. You can also use the spotlight search at the top-right menu bar, and also in the search bar, type Keychain Access. Spotlight can be accessed just press Command + Space on your keyboard.
  • Then tap Passwords. You will find this in the bottom-left corner of the window under Category.
  • Type the app or site that you want to know the password of. If you changed your password, you will then see more than one result. You need to search for the most recent one.
  • When you find what you need, then double click it.
  • Tap on the Show Password box. This will then take you to input your system password.
  • Then enter the password, you use when logging in to your computer.
  • The password you want will now be shown.

how to find passwords on mac

Find WiFi Password on Mac | how to find passwords on mac

Whenever your friends come over to visit, the first question they always ask is, “What’s your WiFi password?”. Let’s find how to use Keychain Access to find your WiFi password on a Mac.

  • Open the Keychain Access application. You can find this in the Applications > Utilities.
  • Then type your WiFi network’s name in the search bar. CCC
  • Double-tap on the name of your WiFi network. This will ask you to input the username and password for your Mac computer.
  • Then tap the box next to “Show Password.”
  • Input the username and password that you use to log in to your computer.
  • Your password will now be shown next to the Show Password.


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