How To Find Your DoorDash Referral Code

If the previous guides, we’ve briefly discussed what is DoodDash or how to remove the DoorDash credit card. But in this guide, you’ll learn more about DoorDash Referral Code. Certainly, DoorDash hosts different discounts and promotions. Also, it has a referral system. If you are searching for this info, you’re most likely a customer, but also a Dasher as well.

In either article, we will help you to find your DoorDash referral codes. However, customers are not the ones who invite their friends to use DoorDash. Also, they get referral coupons. Once they get it they can apply to their orders, Dashers get referral bonuses. Stay connected with us and learn how to get the DoorDash referral benefits.


Probably, the DoorDash app confuses you if you are a newbie. Also, it is reasonable because there are two types of apps for iOS and Android devices. But a customer needs to get the Food Delivery app. The link is here for Android users and one for Apple users.

Follow these easy steps to find your DoorDash referral code:

Step 1:

Initially, launch the app on your phone and tablet.

Step 2:

Then choose the Account option.

Step 3:

Also, click on Refer Friends, Get $.

You’ll be taken to the DoorDash referral page. Once you here, you can view your DoorDash referral code. You can also share it using social media outlets, SMS, or email. Select the choice you want and begin sharing your code right away.

On this page, you can also view your current and earlier DoorDash referral coupons (if someone ordered with your link) and invitations.


DoorDash drivers have various app to themselves. They use the DD Driver app. The app is available for free on the Google Play Store and the App Store.

You can also refer your friends to become Dashers:

Step 1:

Initially, launch the Driver app on your Android device.

Step 2:

Then, hit Dash from the Home menu.

Step 3:

Choose the Refer Friends option.

Step 4:

This page will display you the basic info of Dasher referral (how much bonus and the invitee you can get). Select Invites.

Step 5:

You can also share/send your Dasher referral code using SMS, email, Twitter, or Facebook.


DoorDash customers get a referral coupon whenever someone ends an order using their referral code. However, their order wants to qualify using the DoorDash referral program. You can get the qualifying orders after the purchases of $12 or higher.

You can’t get an unlimited number of referral coupons, though. But, the cap is 25, means that you can’t get extra referral coupons after that. Make sure your friend wants to use your code for their first DoorDash order. If they ordered using the app before, then their purchase can’t qualify for your coupon.

You’ll also get this coupon of an eligible order within 24 hours. You can use it right away, and it will apply to your following order automatically. The more discount you can get using the referral coupon is $15.

Feel free to share your referral code to as many people you like. Also, make sure you’re not posting them on commercial sites like eBay.


As we mentioned-above that DoorDash customers get referral coupons. Also, Dashers get bonuses. Also, remember the person who they referred also to get intensive. It’s just like a win-win case, so if you like to become a Dasher, then you must use a referral link to sign up.

The rules are quite simple and straightforward. The person who wants to make the desired amount of deliveries during their first month of driving. We can’t mention the accurate number of minimum deliveries. However, it varies from city to city.

Also, the bonus amount varies it isn’t fixed. Some Dashers claims they got a big, $750 bonus, while some dasher gets a bonus of $300. In either case, referring drivers seems worth it for both parties. Furthermore, the incentive is even more motivating than the one for customer referrals.

DoorDash operates in many big countries U.S. cities and also other cities in Canada. Simply visit their website to view if you can Dash in your area. Also, remember to use a referral link to sign up if you’re a newbie.


Well, sharing and finding your DoorDash referral code is a walk in the park. Just remember to use it no matter if you’re a driver or a customer. Also, the advantage is too good for passing. Drivers have it a little better, but it takes more time to make deliveries than to place orders on the app.


How many friends do you like to invite? How many followed through? Is there anything you want to modify the referral system? Share your thoughts in the comment section below!

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