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How To Fix LogiLDA.dll Error

Windows 10 LogiLDA.dll error messages can appear during or soon after a device begins up after being enabled, awaken from sleep, or restarted. If the PC is outdated or has many tasks running at once. Then the LogiLDA.dll warning can appear after a few minutes when the Windows 10 device becomes active and usable.

Note: The steps and troubleshooting tips in this guide apply to Windows 10 or Windows 8 and 8.1.

LogiLDA.dll Error

LogiLDA.dll error messages on Windows 10 laptops, desktop PCs, and tablets can appear in lots of formats, but these error messages can look identical to the following:

  • There was an issue beginning c:\windows\system32\logilda.dll / The specified module can’t be found.

Reason for LogiLDA.dll Error

The LogiLDA.dll file is usually linked with programs like Logitech Download Assistant. It is placed on a Windows 10 device after the installation of the latest piece of Logitech hardware like a Logitech gaming mouse or keyboard.

The Logitech Download Assistant automatically searches for the latest device drivers and software updates for any damaged Logitech products upon startup. If there was an issue beginning LogiLDA.dll, this mean:

  • The file can’t be installed properly and is missing from the program.
  • A latest Windows update might cause the program to start searching for this file in the wrong location.

Procedure to Fix LogiLDA.dll Errors in Windows 10

This problem and the linked solution primarily apply to Windows 10 PCs, laptops, and tablets. However, those using Windows 8 or 8.1 might also find this information essential. As the reason and fixes for the LogiLDA.dll errors on those Windows OS are identical and often similar.

Fix LogiLDA.dll Error

Step 1:

Restart your Windows 10 device: Then restarting a Windows 10 PC, tablet, or hybrid device like a Surface can resolve lots of issues and should always be the first thing to try.

Note: Restart your Windows 10 device after trying the following tips and fixes to remember that the modification you make has worked.

Step 2:

Install the newest Windows 10 update: Also, adding the latest features and improving your device’s protection against viruses and malware. Windows 10 updates can also check any file errors you might be experiencing.

Tip: Connect your Windows 10 PC or tablet to a power source before downloading updates and some can take over an hour to install or download fully.

Step 3:

Reinstall your mouse device drivers. LogiLDA.dll errors can occur due to the Logitech program installed on the PC. These errors generate by drivers installed for the mouse. Head over to Device Manager > Mice and other pointing devices. Then right-tap the mouse name, then choose Uninstall Device.

When the process fulfills, disconnect the mouse, restart your device, and then reconnect the mouse.

Step 4:

Turn off LogiDA on startup. The hit Ctrl+Alt+Del, select Task Manager, then choose Startup. Right-tap LogiDA from the list of programs that are set to run on startup. Then choose Disable.

Note: This can’t resolve any issues linked with the program. Rather than, it stops the Logitech Download Assistant from running when you enable the PC and showing the LogiLDA.dll missing error message.

Step 5:

In this step, you can uninstall the Logitech program. If your PC keeps saying that there was an issue beginning Windows LogiLDA.dll. Then another way to resolve it is to uninstall the program. This can be done after opening Start > All apps. Right-tapping the Logitech program, and choosing Uninstall.

Note: The linked program is known as Logitech Download Assistant or something identical. These programs are installed or downloaded while using a new product for the first time. But your device doesn’t need these programs. Windows 10 is quite good at getting extra hardware to work efficiently without any third-party apps.

Step 6:

Then reinstall the Logitech program. If you want to use the given program for installing device drivers or software updates. Then reinstall it from the disk you installed it from after uninstalling it.

Note: Well, uninstalling or reinstalling the same program can resolve any errors that occur during the initial installation.

Step 7:

You can try Logitech Gaming Software. Logitech Gaming Software is the latest Logitech program. The program keeps the hardware up-to-date. Also, the program enables you to customize device functions for particular use cases. Uninstall Logitech Download Assistant after following the method given above. You can then download Logitech Gaming Software from the Logitech website.


Here’s all about “Fix LogiLDA.dll Error ”. Whatever the given methods you used, you can easily fix the LogiLDA.dll error. If you want to share any other thing regarding the article then let us know below. For further queries and questions let us know in the comment section below!

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