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How to Fix Wifi Battery Drain on Marshmallow

Since the update to Android Marshmallow, I was anxious to be able to prove to what extent DOZE was able to extend the battery of my X5.

Many users of Nexus 5 who updated Marshmallow told us about the battery problems they were experiencing because with the pink cloud of sugar they lasted even less. How can this be possible? It is very rare, but in this article, we will see some tricks to solve battery problems in Android 6.0 Marshmallow, for Nexus and any terminal that the jump to Marshmallow:

Fix Wifi Battery Drain on Marshmallow

It seems that battery problems always lead us down the path of bitterness, but everything has a solution and around the battery too. And with Marshmallow has arrived Doze, the new tool from Google that squeezes our battery as it reduces processes in the background.

WiFi draining battery on your Android device running the freshest release of Android (Marshmallow)? You’re not alone. +Nomaan Mohammad over at Google+ found the
“computed power use” (new feature on Marshmallow) for WiFi higher than anything else on his device, which certainly tells that WiFi is taking the most of battery power.

However, Nomaan also mentions that this was probably wrong reporting by the OS than a real battery drain by WiFi. The stats reported WiFi using more battery power than Screen, which is almost unreal.

Anyway, if you’re seeing the issue on your device as well, below is a fix for this:

Note: Before you proceed, back up your WiFi passwords and other network settings through Google’s backup service.

  1. Go to Settings > Location > open Menu (three dots, top-right corner) > select Scanning > Turn Off WiFi scanning.
  2. Go back to Settings > Backup and reset > Network settings reset > tap “Reset settings”.
  3. Reboot your device.

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