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How to hide recent applications in the Dock in macOS Mojave

hide recent applications in the Dock in macOS MojaveIf you do not like the programs you use to accumulate in your Dock, we teach you to disable the option ‘Recent applications’ on your Mac or MacBook and hide the recent apps in the Dock in macOS Mojave.

You have it located on the bottom or on the side, the Dock is probably the first place you go to open the applications you use most, recover a document that you had minimized or accessed the download folder.

Some programs are anchored in the Dock by default, while others will disappear when you close them. It is also possible to choose which applications you want in the Dock by right-clicking on the icon and selecting ‘Options’ and ‘Keep in the Dock’.

This has partly changed with macOS Mojave. Apple has added a new feature in its latest system update. Now, in the Dock, there is an area dedicated to the applications that you have recently used.

It can be very useful to quickly access an app that you just installed or any other program that you do not want to anchor to the Dock for now. Now, what happens if you do not want a particular app to appear in this section?

Do not worry. Below we explain the simple process that you have to carry out to hide the option of ‘Recent applications’ in the Dock on your Mac or MacBook with macOS Mojave installed.

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How to hide the option ‘Recent applications’ from the Dock on Mac

1. Right click on the Dock. Keep in mind that you must place the cursor in the transparent frame, not on the icon of an application or a document. This will open the ‘ System Preferences ‘ of the Dock.

Alternatively, you can access the ‘ System Preferences ‘ menu by clicking on the gear icon and choose the ‘ Dock ‘ option.

2. With the Dock preferences menu, you will see a list with options at the bottom. You will have it as easy as unchecking the box that you will find on the left side of the option ‘ Show recent apps in the Dock ‘.

3. If you later decide that you want to see the recently used applications again, it will be enough to repeat the previous steps, but this time selecting the box ‘ Show recent apps in the Dock ‘.

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