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How to Make Telegram Stickers Pack – Tutorial

Telegram sticker packs can give your conversations the finishing touch that you are actually looking for. The messaging app has a large variety of stickers packs, but they may not express everything that you want to say in a sticker. In this article, we are going to talk about How to Make Telegram Stickers Pack – Tutorial. Let’s begin!

If it’s possible to create your own sticker pack in WhatsApp, then why shouldn’t you be able to in Telegram? Creating your Telegram sticker packs is also a great way to get some laughs all around the office when the boss is not looking.

How to Make Telegram Stickers Pack

1: Design Your Own Stickers

You do not have to be a graphic designer to create Telegram stickers. If you are, that is great—another free way for you to promote your art. But if you are not, then do not let that stop you. Some of the best Telegram stickers are hilarious meme-like creations, thrown together out of quotes and pictures as well. Your basic design skills will suffice for those.

how to make telegram stickers

The stickers that you create have to follow unified design requirements as well. Those are really simple:

  • Telegram stickers must be PNG images along with a transparent background, 512×512 pixels.
  • Each and every sticker should be a separate image file. Designing and uploading them is easier on desktop than on mobile so that you might want to use Telegram for Mac, Telegram for Windows, or Telegram Web.
  • The icon for your sticker pack is actually optional. If you’d like to have one, that design a 100×100 PNG image along with a transparent layer.

It is important to understand that using things such as movie quotes to create your stickers is a copyright infringement. Yes, that’s exactly how memes are made, however, unlike a meme, your sticker pack will likely be taken off Telegram if the copyright owner complains as well. That said, there seems to be no copyright check whenever you upload your designs.

The standard Telegram sticker pack includes 10 to 20 stickers. But you are not limited in how many that you want to upload. Some packs have over 100 stickers, and then you can keep coming back and also adding new ones even after you publish.

2: Find the Telegram Sticker Bot

When your very own Telegram stickers are ready to roll, and also find the Telegram sticker bot. You can do that either by following the link or by opening Telegram and typing “stickers” into the search field. Tap on the chat, and you will then see the list of commands you can use:

  • /newpack if you want to create a new Telegram sticker pack
  • /addsticker in order to add a sticker to an existing pack
  • /delsticker if you want to remove a sticker from a pack
  • /ordersticker in order to reorder stickers in a pack
  • /stats if you want to get usage stats for a specific sticker
  • /top in order to see the top stickers in your pack
  • /packstats if you want to get usage stats for a sticker pack
  • /packtop in order to see your top sticker packs
  • /cancel if you want to cancel whatever command you just used

Tap Start to open the chat and then start setting up your sticker pack.

Step 3: Upload Your Telegram Stickers

The Telegram sticker bot makes it easy to upload and then publish your designs. Let’s see what you need to do:

  • Type in the /newpack command and click Enter.
  • The sticker bot will ask you the name of your pack. Type in the name and then send it.
  • Now press on the File icon to upload your first sticker. It’s important that you upload it as a file, not as a picture. If you use the Camera icon, the bot will then reject the image.
  • The bot will then ask you to assign an emoji to your sticker. Select an emoji that matches this sticker best and tap Enter to send it. You can assign a few, however, Telegram recommends no more than two emoji per sticker.
  • Repeat steps 3-4 for every Telegram sticker that you want to add.
  • When you do that, type in the /publish command and then send it.
  • If you want to add an icon for your sticker pack, upload it just like you uploaded the rest of the pictures and send it to the bot. If you don’t have an icon, then just send the /skip command, and your first sticker will become an icon for this pack as well.
  • At last, send the bot a short name for your sticker pack to be used in its URL.

how to make telegram stickers

Tap on the link to your Telegram sticker pack to see how everything looks. If you have more than 10 stickers, you can also scroll through them.

Send Your Telegram Stickers

Telegram doesn’t have a sticker store or any other way for folks to browse all existing stickers. This means your package will be gathering dust unless you and your friends start sending the stickers you made.

When you tap on your pack’s URL, you’ll then see two ways to start sharing your Telegram stickers.

  • Share: This will forward the link to your pack to a Telegram contact or group of your choice actually.
  • Add Stickers: This will then add the pack to your collection so that you can send individual stickers to your Telegram contacts. Your friends can then see and add the pack by clicking on the sticker you sent as well. That is how they spread actually.


Alright, That was all Folks! I hope you guys like this make telegram stickers article and also find it helpful to you. Give us your feedback on it. Also if you guys have further queries and issues related to this article. Then let us know in the comments section below. We will get back to you shortly.

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