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How to pair HomePod with your iPhone in iOS 13

No, the WWDC 2019 did not leave us much news about HomePod. Neither about the improvements that will come to iOS 13 for this speaker and its relationship with Siri. But, luckily, the betas are reflecting many details that we did not know and that show some evolution.

How to pair HomePod with your iPhone in iOS 13

Until now, it did not stop pairing like any portable speaker or like the same AirPods of the company. However, it seems that Apple this seems, as well as unsafe, something simple and improbable. Next, we will talk about the new way to pair your HomePod with the iPhone and about the changes for Siri’s favorite speaker settings.

HomePod + iOS 13: a new way to pair

There is no doubt that it is not the function expected by all users or a revolution. Neither something that we had imagined since it remains as a function or a secondary detail. But, however uninteresting it may seem a priori, it is important and more than we think. As we said at the beginning, Apple has changed the way to pair or synchronize the HomePod with the iPhone. And it will not help make it simpler and easier, but quite the opposite.

As we do with the Apple Watch, it will be necessary to scan an LED pattern that will appear in the HomePod. This upper loudspeaker panel will be used for this purpose. When will we see that pattern? Only when we go to activate the pairing, so surely we do not see it too many times in our life. Still, it is a change to take into account. With the iPhone camera, we will take the pattern and in principle, it would already be. We could use the smart speaker without a problem. Is the best option? Was it really necessary something like that? Let’s analyze it briefly below.

How to pair HomePod with your iPhone in iOS 13

A slight change for the better for Apple’s smart speaker

It was commented that the first models and with the first versions of the operating system gave certain problems when pairing it. It is also a way to avoid intruders in the speaker or remote changes. We will have to scan the pattern and forget about other methods. This is shown by iOS 13 and so Apple wants. This could be related in some way to the future models of HomePod, but it is still early to go to rumors and inventions. Let the betas continue giving us clues and wait until September to see if they present us something on stage.

And you, what do you think about this new method of pairing?

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