How to Pin Item to Quick Access in Windows 10


“Quick access” is a feature in File Explorer that pins favorited and frequently used folders to the top of the sidebar. Having important and regularly used folders in Quick access makes them easier to find and quicker to get to. Compared to having to find the right folder manually every time. In this article, we are going to talk about How to Pin Item to Quick Access in Windows 10. Let’s begin!

You surely used either File Explorer from Windows 8.1 or Windows Explorer from Windows 7. So you know that both these file managers offered a section called Favorites. There you could place any folder, library, or drive that you want to able to quickly access. In Windows 10. The Favorites section was revamped and now bears the simple name of Quick access. While you can still pin or unpin items to it, Quick access also got a few other features. In today’s article, we will take a closer look at what the Quick access section is all about. So let’s start:

Pin Item to Quick Access

In order to pin a folder, a library, or even a drive to the Quick access section from File Explorer, you must first navigate to that item.

Once you have located the folder, library, or drive you to want to pin to Quick access. Select it and right-click or tap and hold it until the contextual menu is displayed. Then, click or tap on the Pin to Quick access option.

In an instant, the item that you select will pin to the access it quickly sections from File Explorer.

There is also a slightly faster way to pin folders, libraries, or drives to Quick access. After you have located the item you want to pin, simply drag and drop it onto Quick access. However, be careful to drop the item exactly on the Quick access and not on any of the elements pinned to it. If you do not do that, you might only get a shortcut to your item placed inside one of the other pinned folders, libraries, or also drives.

There is also a third way we know for pinning items to Quick access. Navigate to the folder, library, or drive you to want to pin and open it. Right-click or tap and hold on Quick access until the contextual menu appears and then click or tap on Pin’s current folder to Quick access.

A small quirk we found here is the fact that it does not matter if you want to pin a folder, a library or a drive: Windows 10 will always give you the same option Pin current folder to access it quickly, even if you want to pin a library or a drive.

UnPin Item | Pin Item to Quick Access

To unpin an item, open Quick access and then launch the contextual menu of the item you want unpinning, with a right-click or long tap on it. Then, click or tap on Unpin from Quick access.

Note that you can also do this action straight from the Quick actions pane, by following the same steps: open the item’s contextual menu and select Unpin from Quick access.


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