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How To Turn Off Tumblr Safe Mode

Do you want to turn off Tumblr Safe Mode? If yes, then you are in the right place. Tumblr has lots of fun content. But, unfortunately, the NSFW content amount on Tumblr has risen exponentially in current years. And it’s the major reason why content related to adult Tumblr blogs have the Safe Mode warning turned on by default.

Rather than you >18, there is no reason to have the Safe Mode enabled. In this article, let us know how to turn off Tumblr’s safe mode.

Turn off Safe Mode on Tumblr

By default, Tumblr has the Safe Mode enabled for all users irrespective of their age. So, the Safe Mode can’t move away by default once you are signed in (and greater than 18). You want to manually disable it.

Tumblr Safe Mode

Note: If your age is less than 18, there is no way to disable Safe Mode in Tumblr.

Step 1:

Initially, move to Tumbler and then sign in to your account.

Step 2:

Head over to Account > Settings.

Step 3:

On the Filtering section: turn off Safe Mode by clicking the switch next to it.

That’s all! You must be able to access all the Tumblr blogs and then posts flagged ‘NSFW’.

Make sure that after you sign out. Similarly, when you lose access to NSFW content, so remember to log in whenever you like to access the content of NSFW.

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